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Joshua Summeries: Missing baby from Zion

UPDATE:  Demetries Thorpe has been sentenced to 30 years for killing Joshua.   Police said that Thorpe admitted to smothered the baby to stop him from crying, placed the body into a backpack and then toss out the backpack into a trash bin outside the couple’s Zion home, reports the Chicago Tribune.During the trial court records stated that the police had a surveillance video showing Thorpe moving a backpack to a larger trash bin, watch as a truck emptied the bin and then check the receptacle to make sure the backpack was gone.  Joshua’s body has never been located.

Original Story:

Authorities are searching for a missing 5-month-old baby who is missing from Illinois.

Joshua Summeries lived with his mother and her boyfriend at an apartment in the 2300 block of Galilee in Zion.

Joshua’s mother called the police and said her son had been abducted by a man that had taken him out of a window.  Then that afternoon Joshua’s mother stated that Joshua was crying a lot so her boyfriend “went to quiet him,” and she has not seen him since. The boyfriend was found hiding in the woods on the north end of town.
Neighbor’s told CBS Chicago that they heard arguing at the apartment that Joshua’s mother and boyfriend moved into a couple of weeks ago.

The police have combed the neighborhood searching for Joshua and he is still missing as of Wednesday night.

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  1. The mother's boyfriend has confessed to murdering the baby; LE has been searching the landfill as the BF admitted to (and was video taped) putting baby in dumpster.

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