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Tiffany Daniels: Missing after leaving work at Pensacola State College

UPDATE 4/19/16 –  Tiffany’s story was on “Disappeared” on Investigation Discovery last night. Click here to see a short video.  It is called “Against the Tide.”

UPDATE 12/20/15 –  The family states they received a tip from a Pensacola citizen who remembered seeing a white male wearing only red shorts near Daniels’ vehicle on Aug. 19, 2013.  The witness remembered because they thought it was strange because the car was parked facing oncoming traffic in an area preserved for wildlife. The man in the shorts was behind the vehicle with the tailgate up.

UPDATE 8/12/15 – Cindy Daniels, Tiffany’s mother said that someone tried to exhort money from her through a Facebook message.  They said they could give her information about Tiffany, but they wanted $3,000, to start and then more money to tell her who killed her.  They would also give her a recording that would be evidence.

“It said they had information on who harmed her and where her body was,” Daniels said.

Cindy got a hold of the police and they were able to get some of the recording and found it came from an internet video that wasn’t even related to Tiffany.  The tip has been categorized as a scam.

The police are still continuing their investigation into this incident as well as what happened to Tiffany.

Original story:  Tiffany Daniels, 25, went missing after leaving work at the Pensacola State College on August 12, 2013.

On Tuesday, Daniels’ gray 1999 Toyota 4-runner was found in a parking lot of Park West near Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach. Her bike and cell phone were there also.

Tiffany works at the theater department at Pensacola State College.  She helps designs the sets.  On Monday she asked to leave a little early and clocked out at 4:43 pm that day.

Friends of Tiffany’s searched for her on Wednesday morning and also passed out flyers.

Tiffany is 5’7″ tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Tiffany’s Facebook page.

Find Tiffany Facebook page

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office at 850-436-9620.

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  1. Is there any news on this female…Havent heard a word here in Pensacola…

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