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Jane Doe from Sumter County, Florida Found

After nine months, the police have identified the woman whose body was found behind a truck stop Sumter County as Martha “Jane” Wever.

The composite sketch made at the University of South Florida turned out to be so accurate it was recognized by her family who contacted the police.  Subsequently the person they believe had something to do with her death has been arrested.  Ralph Harold Penrod was living with Jane according to the family.

Detectives said Wever was shot, and the motive of the murder was money. Penrod had been living in Tavares, in Lake County, just a few miles from the murder scene, ever since Wever’s death.

Previous story:  Does this woman look familiar to you?  This is the message I received concerning this individual.

“I’ve been reaching out to the cardiovascular community to see if anyone recognizes her as a former patient.  She has a distinguished appearance having red/auburn hair and red/pink glasses; size 3XL; missing her lower teeth. Metoprolol was found in her tox screen; it’s a heart/blood pressure medication.

Will you please post her photo and information in the hopes that someone will recognize her?  Thanks.”
On April 22, 2013, the decomposing body of a white female was found in a wooded area, near SR 44 and I-75 in Wildwood. An autopsy revealed the female was the victim of a homicide. The identity of the victim is still unknown. The victim is described as follows:
White Female
50 to 70 years of age
5’4” to 5’9”
Heavy Set
Long curly or wavy auburn or brunette hair, worn in a pony-tail with a red cloth band
Tattoo of “JANE” on left shoulder (Depicted below)
She was wearing gray Jersey brand jogging pants, size large, and a light colored red and blue floral patterned blouse, CB Casual brand, size 3X, (Depicted below)
White DANSKIN tennis shoes, size 10W, were located near the victim
Wore prescription glasses, possible red or pink framed
Missing all of her bottom teeth or could have had dentures
She did have severe arthritis in her back and her right elbow
She had prior multiple rib fractures on her left side

Anyone with information about this subject should contact Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detective Darren Norris at 352-569-1617, email: or Detective Derek Pike at 352-569-1614, email:

You can also read more about her by clicking here.

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