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Day: September 2, 2013

Amber Alert: Fernando Margarito age 2 from Illinois

Fernando Margarito, 2,  was taken by his father Fernando Margarito on August 30, 2013 from Glendale Heights, Illinois.  Margarito also took his son’s aunt, Susana Rosales, 14, without her parent’s consent. They could be heading to Mexico and traveling in a 2000 white Chevy Suburban or Tahoe with license plate S371196..   The latest news is […]

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Bryce Laspisa: College student missing after car found overturned

Please note the updates on this story are on the top. Please scroll to the bottom to read the original story, and then read up. UPDATE: 8/17/15 UPDATE:  7/15/15 – Bryce is still missing.  There have been reports of several homeless people in the Redlands area with red hair.  They were not Bryce.  The family […]

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