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Jayden Thomas and Braxton Wood: Teens missing from Isabele County Found

UPDATE:  9/8/13 –

Authorities have said that Jayden and Braxton were found in the back of the Ford Explorer in a parking lot near a Mobil gas station in Wrigleyville, a neighborhood in Chicago, and they are safe.  The car battery was dead and they had run out of gas.

Previous story:  Jayden Nicole Thomas, 13, and Braxton Michael Edward Wood, 14, from Michigan have been missing since August 26.

The two families have joined together to search for the teens that are thought to have run off together.  Thomas lives in Clare and Wood lives in Mount Pleasant which are about 15 minutes away from each other

Jayden and Braxton were going to different high schools this year.  Before were inseparable to the point that both sets of parents were uncomfortable with their relationship.  They had become so close that they no longer were interacting with their friends anymore. 

Authorities believe the two are traveling in a black 2005 Ford Explorer with Michigan plates BCQ3820. 

At first they thought that the teens were heading to a friend of Braxton’s in Florida but there has been no sightings of the vehicle, and the parents don’t believe they have enough money for gas to travel very far.

There are a lot of places to hunt in Michigan and I am willing to bet they have held up in a hunting cabin somewhere.  

If you see the teens or their vehicle, please call the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department at 989-772-5911.

6 thoughts on “Jayden Thomas and Braxton Wood: Teens missing from Isabele County Found

  1. That girl is 13 but she looks like a tramp. What's wring with her parents?! A 13 year old girl wearing that much makeup? Stop allowing your children to act and dress older and LET THEM BE KIDS. Her parents should be ashamed. No wonder she ran away she thinks she is much older than she really is!

  2. This child does not look like a tramp. I think her parents are going through enough without someone behaving as you are. You say that parents need to let their kids be kids,that's fine but how about having adults behave like responsible, mature adults as well. Are you even a parent? Sure doesn't seem like it to me. Instead of bashing the parents, how about you write to the media networks to demand that they promote healthy teen behaviors, and clean up what our kids are exposed to. While you are at it you could also pray for these kids safety, and for the suffering their families are going through. Be very careful of criticizing others, because from what I have seen, when you behave like this it will revisit you ten fold!!!! By the way, I'll add you to my prayer list as well, that you may receive compassion and understanding!

  3. To writer 1, why so you have to be so critical and angry? Beneath your words, you are in alot of pain. Maybe you could take your pain and invest it in positive ways to help others. I am sure you have a plethora of strengths and skills to help others.

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