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Temecula woman leaves children in car in 100 degree heat

A woman caught another woman leaving her children in the car as she went into the store. (No I do not know how long she had been in there.) Other than the fact the children could have been taken – note I do not see the woman carrying any keys in her hand as she lets herself back into her car – the temperatures were in the 100s in San Diego County. Are you glad the woman was caught red-handed doing an irresponsible thing?

3 thoughts on “Temecula woman leaves children in car in 100 degree heat

  1. YES! It is illegal to leave kids under 12 in a car unattended REGARDLESS if the enginge/ac was on AND she was parked in a handicapped without a placard. Hope cps gets involved and she gets a fine. Ridiculous. Some people never learn.

  2. Yes I am absolutely Happy that she was caught. I hope that this lesson will cause her to Never do that again. It only takes seconds for your child to be grabbed and only minutes for a child to suffer brain damage from heat. My thought: She should have been arrested for child endangerment, period.

  3. I think someone should of locked her in the vehicle with all the windows rolled upfor the length of time she left the holdren in there. Thank god that woman called the police. So many people would walk away. I hope DSS finds the kids a home and doesnt split them up. Can u imagine what she was like behind closed doors.
    Tha woman is a hero.

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