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Deshon Crawford: Teen missing from Lebanon Found

7/3/14 – Deshon has returned home per her mom.

12/12/13 – According to Deshon’s mom Melissa, her daughter is missing again.

9/15/13 – Deshon was found at a Nashville nightclub on Sunday.

Deshon’s mom Melissa has reported that her daughter is home.  She posted on Facebook:


UPDATE 9/13/13 = I see tips coming in for Deshon.  If you know where she is please call the Lebanon Police.  If you want to remain anonymous, please leave your tip here or go to the Facebook page (Click on her name below) and leave a tip for her mom.

News article here

Deshon Lynn Crawford, 16, from Lebanon, Tenn and a student at Lebanon High School has been missing since Friday, Aug. 30.  The police have labeled Deshon as a runaway although Melissa, Deshon’s mother stated that she left a note saying she was going for a walk/run and would be back in a little while.    Her mother told authorities she was last seen around 11 p.m. leaving 613 North Greenwood Extension.

76 thoughts on “Deshon Crawford: Teen missing from Lebanon Found

  1. Did her mother say she had run away & left a note , or was she reported a missing . So many young females are assumed to have run away when they have actually been preyed upon by online predators. posted by franlove

  2. My heart constantly goes out these young girls that either go missing or run away. Either way the news should be involved. I hope she is found soon, being a victim from grooming and brainwash I wish they would've done more when I “ranaway” people just don't understand that a lot of the time its the person behind your son/daughter telling them what to do not your child.

  3. I agree some standard language should be posted “confirmed runaway” if there's a note or “suspected runaway” if unclear.
    ALSO, in the event it's a child custody or abuse situation, perhaps a seal of endorsement from local police a report has been filed- what if the person reporting the missing is someone a protective order has been filed against & they're merely trying to suss out where the victim/complaintant is?

  4. Go on FB and READ Mellisa Crawford's Posts. This goes back further into May 2013, so something is up. Also look up Deshon Crawford on FB n see her lookin' STONED, n that FB Profile is from 11/22/12. She looks ALOT older than these pix n something is up with her mother. Too many things son't make any sense!!!

  5. well seeing deshon didn't have a face book in November your rong and the picts she took were on a camera that is broken as far as may goes it was and had nothing to do with anything like this I am the mother and deshon is a great funloving child with tourettes syndrome shes a good student awesome daughter and amazing big sister im so sorry that people gotta twist things and be negative but let me tell you Gods got this and Hes a mighty God and I pray he has mercy on your sick demented twisted blame throwing life God be with you

  6. I am sorry you are forced into defending yourself and your daughter at a time like this. Try to ignore the negatives and focus on Deshon! Good luck and prayers your way.

  7. Don't get all bent out of shape. .just trying to get the FACTS … You never said b/4 she has Tourettes. Did she leave a note saying she was running away, or could some one have taken her?

  8. You know how she looks on a social site picture, whether she has used marijuana or what you think her relationship with her mother is like is pretty irrelevant when a 16 year old girl is missing. Especially with sex-trafficking being what it is. Why don't you lay off suggesting something that you have no proof of and offer up concern, prayer and hope?

  9. thank you and to add to it our relationship is great she will be 17 in a few weeks this is the first time I have never spoke to her for more then 24 hours and in may they found lumps in my brest and we moved into a new home deshon doesn't even take medication for her tourettes so people can assume and be evil and cruel if they want because the devil is a liar and people like that are pathetic

  10. My niece disappeared for a month with an online predator. Via massive online efforts, we managed to get word to the police department around where the guy lived and they unofficially kept an eye out and reported her whereabouts. I personally think he should still be in jail on 2-3 federal charges. The news stations did broadcast for my niece who was also listed as a probable runaway. I hope the story of what our family went through helps you guys find her.

    Step one is to check all the phone records and online posts that she has done. Start going into the social games she has played online and ask around about her and if she was talking to anyone. Share the missing persons link with them. This will help.

  11. she left a note saying she was going for a walk /run would be back in a little while and didn't come home the police classified her as a runaway not me

  12. Melissa, I do hope your daughter is home soon. I don't want anyone harassing Deshons mom. Please be kind and ask her questions respectfully.

  13. Thank you for clarifying that. The media sometimes gets it wrong. Teens are the ones most ignored by the police BECAUSE they label them runaway, not the parents.

  14. Im sorry you are going through this i do pray she comes home unharmed and ready to be held in your arms.

  15. Melissa I am so sorry. You must be terrified. Your baby is gone and instead of getting help you are being judged. This is serious, to anyone judging Melissa, put yourself in her position. It's no secret that girls are preyed on, America just watched the trial of a man who had three women locked in his basement for years, so this is serious stuff. It is unfair that this is being treated as a runaway case when evidence suggests otherwise. What prompted the police to think Deshon is a runaway, possibly because she isn't a little white girl?

  16. Sending prayers your way, Melissa for Deshon's safe & speedy return home. Shared in Wichita, Kansas.

  17. I get a weird feeling about the step dad. I don't know, I feel he should be blasting that his step daughter is missing all over his face book but he isn't, not accusing but I just get a funny feeling about it. I hope I'm wrong and I hope I don't come across as judgemental. Have they looked into it as foul play at all? Or are they still sticking with the runaway speculation? I swear these laws are all tWisted, it's almost as if they give priority to certain cases. I hope she is found safe and sound and that this family has peace. God is a good God and a loving God. She is in my prayers and I can't get this situation off my mind. Prayers are with the family and beautiful Deshon.

  18. To: “Deshon's Momma Melissa” – The Person You're calling sick & demented – Is the one that was actually UPSET about an Alert issued in YOUR STATE for a Young Girl recently – but it wasn't for Deshon. I NEVER DID ANY BLAME THROWING? I've POSTED on my Fbook a Notice so everyone can look for Your Baby and it's been shared (as many others are doing as well). *In the meantime..If You're reading this – Please TRY and get some SLEEP, don't put Yourself Out Like this Girl. You can continue searching in the Morning if she's not home by then. Blessings – Praying.

  19. Brilliant, just cast aspersions on a man because of your “funny feeling”. Perhaps he is trying other methods, as opposed to “blasting it on facebook” which would probably be a waste of time anyway.

  20. And just to clarify – I didn't mean “Don't put Yourself Out Like this Girl” for you to think I'm talkin 'bout Your Baby. I'm Saying – “Don't put Yourself Out THERE Like this – GIRL” Hope You understand that, and more importantly get your baby back tonight..Blessings

  21. Has anyone contacted friends she might have talked to. Does she have a computer; if so has law enforcement looked in it to see if she had talked to anyone on the computer. Did she have a cell phone? What about a bf? They really need to dig deep. Ask your community to help raise money for a reward for any information… i was a runaway at the age of 15 an done it willingly. I was gone for 3 months ppl in my family hid it from my moter..its just that easy…i was sry for putting my mother through that but i was a rebelious teenager..god bless an i hope u find ur baby..i will pray for u melissa an hope she makes it home sadely like i did!

  22. Dear Melissa, You & Deshon are in my thoughts and prayers that she is brought home soon and unharmed.

    To Anonymous post at 8:25pm – no need for your remarks regarding white/black.
    Just not needed at a time like this … people need to pull to gether… share information about Deshon !!! and praying right person sees it and will help!!

  23. To deshons momma melissa , My prayers for you while you wait to hear some word about your daughter & her whereabouts . I hope you have names & contact with a few friends names that can help you search online for game sites & her computer contacts . Posted by franlove

  24. Ive sent out an email to cbs 11 in dallas not sure what is the outcome tho. Good to hear she is finally on the site for missing children

  25. Melissa,Deshon's Mom, prayers go out to your family. I pray your daughter, comes home.

  26. I think She took off with a friends, or somebody she knew . I believe she will be found soon. God Bless

  27. Not going to pray because prayer is useless and wasteful. I will however keep an eye peeled and spread the news of this missing girl. If prayer hasn't worked so far (and it never will), then perhaps hiring a private detective would be a good place to start. It seems like the police are not really doing much/ don't have much to go off of.

  28. Just wondering, is this a current/up to date pic of Deshon?
    Has anyone heard anything from her or any friends as of yet?
    Have her txt & phone records been checked, even any pm msgs on fb may help you to some leads on her whereabouts.
    Come on folks, keep sharing, keep helping, we need to bring her home safe!

  29. Nancy Grace should be contacted.
    Local and nationwide coverage about Deshon needs to go out.

  30. Hi Melissa, I know exactly what your going through because it was just a little over a month ago that we were sitting on the river bank together while they searched for my grandson in the river and you and deshon were right there with us and we appreciate that and we are standing with you and your family in your time of need. I have been praying for her to come home too. James has been coming to me in my dreams and he is worried about her as well with that being said for those of you who don't know this young lady she is a wonderful child and very loving and we need to stop judging the situation and just find her again Melissa as for me and my family we are with you and will be with you until Deshon is home. God Bless you and Keep you .

  31. Unreal how people are saying the girl is a fake, and the page is spam. How awful.
    I pray this doesn't happen to them, ever.
    Shocked and amazed by how many brush this child off.
    Deshon and every child missing is MOST IMPORTANT AND NEED ALL OF OUR HELP.

  32. How would you say prayers are useless and wasteful, your have no belief in what God can do something is wrong with you.

  33. I don't think the people are being mean or brushing her off – I think it is just social media scams putting people in doubt. So much stuff goes around on the internet that is not true and preying on people's sympathy that sometimes it is hard to believe the truth. However, if people are in doubt, they should keep it to themselves and not “strike out” because they don't know the full truth either way.

  34. The FACT remains – an underage CHILD is missing..It does NOT matter who she is, what her relationship is with her family, if she has smoked Marijuana in her life, argued with a friend or anything else – A child is missing! she needs to be returned to her family- Please – people – DON'T loose sight of the FACTS that matter! Just keep sharing and hope all turns out well for everyone involved! Gods Blessings.

  35. So you told the police she left a note, but also that she climbed out of a bathroom Window. So im confused. If she went out the window it wasn't for a run.

  36. I don't get it. Her mom said the police classified her as a runaway but her FB post said: “my daughter Deshon Lynn Crawford is missing she ran away Friday night she is 16 years old there is an APB which is an All Points Bulletin if you have any information on her where shouts please call me 615-512-4988”

  37. Marilyn Hudgins === I just called that police number in leb. And they told me they couldnt help from their. I met her yesterday, someone
    please contact me 541 409 2487

  38. That is a beautiful child, and I pray that you find her.

    As for those folks making all sorts of nasty accusations because they think they have magical powers of discernment, please get professional help.

  39. he doesn't blast it because when he isn't working 10 hours a day he knocking on doors hanging fliers and being an awesome husband and dad the only thing step here is you stepping over boundries he never gets on face book if you haven't been in this situation then you have no clue and God forbid it ever happens to you people like you are sick and should offer prayers not sick oppinions

  40. the police said she went out the damn window not me I said the bathroom window was open and front door unlocked that's the story I cant help what the police say I as well as God know and by them doing that they classify her as a runaway and don't have to work as hard better yet work at all

  41. So she is missing from Lebanon Tennessee and that phone number is for Lebanon Oregon. Weird.

  42. Has anyone else noticed the anonymous reply toward the very top of these comment saying she is on Broadway in Pheonix AZ. Says they know b/c they talked to her? Its dated Sept 10th

  43. Any word on how Poster day went?
    Has anyone gotten any variable info Re: Deshon Crawford yet?

  44. Yes Sara, I noticed that. It must be getting blown off as BS. Hopefully they are checking it out and maybe just not elaborating on it so that they have a chance to check it out. I am unclear, Jerrie had stated that there might be 2 different Deshons missing, different ages and different towns? Can anyone clairify that?

  45. There are not 2 missing people with the first name Deshon & the last name Crawford. there is a female young teen that is on this link from Lebanon TN whose name is Deshon Crawford . There may be other people in the USA with the 1st name Deshon who are also missing . Posted by franlove

  46. the poster party was great got a lot of ground covered and news channel 4 covered the story PRAISE GOD still lots of fliers to get out and I wont stoop till DESHON is home

  47. If God could do something in this situation, why hasn't he? Are you saying that he wants this child to remain missing, and that he wants to cause pain for her mother and other family members?

    I agree with the first Anonymous: A private investigator could certainly help more than a bunch of people praying.

    You people praying and talking about God need to get together and create a fundraiser to provide actual, tangible, immediate help. I am certain this child's mother is going to need money to balance the costs of not working/hiring a PI/spending money on the search efforts, etc.

    Human begins are capable of amazing things, and hopefully with hard work, determination and love, we will be able to find this missing child.

    Peace and love.

  48. Damn for someone who is so GODLY like you sure are quick to get vindictive huh? Did you not even bother to read the rest of my post? I am not in any way trying to be judgemental, I just feel that as a husband maybe he should be more supportive, and no I would never want to be in that situation if I had kids, but I'm pretty sure my husband would be at my side doing ALL that is needed to be done and work would be the last thing in his mind! Seriously, there is a missing child here! And the focus should be on her, and why the hell would anyone make such a dumb remark as to Facebook being a waste of time? It is and has been a very effective tool at spreading an important message! Like I said God bless Deshon. There's certainly more to the story, but the story only God knows.

  49. deShon's momma , That is wonderful news ! Thank goodness for channel 4 covering your story . Do you have a link to their station & their report? I'll try in the meanwhile to search for it .Keep the flyers out there . Take some to all the area high schools & middle schools , as someone there might know something . What is her favorite color ? You might be able to get volunteers to tie pretty ribbons in that color Or in her School colors & place around town & on houses to keep the awareness up & running on the news about your daughter being missing . ~ Blessings ~

  50. Any idea on what happened with this young lady? did she actually run away, was she lured/manipulated into leaving by someone or what?

  51. has she been found. some say yes some say no. Mrs. Dashons mom if you could please post something letting everyone know if she's been found. thank you and God Bless You and Your Family

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