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Bruce Evans: Missing from Tucson

Bruce Allen Evans was last seen leaving his home with his boss, Jason on the 3700 block of West Ironwood Hill Drive in Tucson on Dec. 21, 2010.  He never returned home.  The white cargo van he was driving has never been found, too.

In April 2010, Bruce was arrested in Michigan when found in possession of a load of marijuana that he was allegedly transporting for Jason.  The same Jason that Bruce was with when he was driving to Phoenix.  Bruce’s sister believes Bruce felt compelled to commit crimes on behalf of Jason, because he helped Evans get the job that enabled him to return to Tucson.

Large dragon on one of his shins
Tribal circle design on one shin
Skull on upper left torso
Wraparound barbed wire on upper right arm
Nipples and tongue pierced.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Evans: Missing from Tucson

  1. EXACTLY my thoughts! Seems extremely suspicious to me if the boss made his way home, but somehow the van and employee didn't? I'm calling “foul play” here. It just seems there's alot missing here…..

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