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Ayla Reynolds: Mother comes forward and tells the public about evidence

 Please note that I have written many stories about Ayla’s case so please go to the search box above and type in Ayla’s name to read all the stories. 

UPDATE 9/23/13 – New information has been released by Trista Reynolds, Ayla Reynolds mother.  On the blog United 4 Ayla she summarizes, along with her boyfriend, Alex and Alex’s mother, Melissa, what they were shown on a slide show presentation of what was found at the home on 29 Violette Avenue, where Ayla was last seen. (please note I also wrote about this on Sept 17 that is farther down.  You may want to read that also or even before you read this section.)       

   •    Several drops of Ayla’s blood were found on the left shoulder strap of Ayla’s car seat in Justin’s vehicle. Ayla’s dried vomit was found on the backseat.
    •    Droplets of Ayla’s blood were found on the pompoms of her pink princess slippers.
    •    A “silver dollar sized stain” of Ayla’s blood was found o
n the sofa in the DiPietro family’s living room (upstairs).
    •    Ayla’s blood was found smeared on her baby doll’s face and arms in the bedroom she shared with Elisha DiPietro’s daughter (upstairs). It appeared that Ayla tried to wipe blood from her mouth with her doll.
    •    Drops of Ayla’s blood were found on a fan cord in Justin’s basement bedroom.
    •    Ayla’s blood splatter was found on a plastic blue tote in the basement and a sheet that was found inside had Ayla’s blood stains on it. MSP said that it had been used to cleanup Ayla’s blood.
    •    Several drops of Ayla’s blood were found on the tongue and inside Justin’s sneakers in the basement beside his bed.
    •    A “fist size stain” of Ayla’s blood was found on Justin’s mattress and sheets. This sample contained saliva, possibly vomit, and “a toy hair like” pink fiber which, at the time, MSP had not identified.
    •    Several splatters of Ayla’s blood were found on sections of the cement floor and wall beside Justin’s bed. These blood splatters were consistent with Ayla’s standing height, and were up to a dime in size. MSP’s blood analysts determined that the blood splatters were created by intense projectile vomiting and/or blunt force trauma.
    •    Several splatters of Ayla’s blood were found on a wood pallet leaning against a wall in the basement.
The Maine State Police determine that the lewd could not have been the result of a cut because of the pattern.  It was also stated that because there was blood in the sliva that Ayla may have been coughing up blood from internal injuries. 

There is more and to read it all you can click here.  

 According to the blog Trista was told that the police did not want to arrest Justin without Ayla’s remains for an airtight case. 

Is this a stall because of bad police work or is this a cop out?
If you refer back to my post on Sept. 12  you will remember I outlined a cases where there was a prosecution with no body.  These types of cases are few and far between, but we need to change this, and it just might boil down with demanding better police work so that criminals can’t get away with murder because there is no body.

 Work and training must be given to police officer’s so they enter a home knowing what to do in case they will need to arrest a person even though there is no body. 
According to  Michigan prosecutor Stuart Fenton “You have to prove by circumstantial evidence that here was a death and the death occurred by criminal means.”  Which is also why police are so reluctant to say someone is dead.

I think that has been proven, that there has been a death and by criminal means, even though at this point, who do you arrest?  Justin, his sister Elisha or his girlfriend, Courtney, or someone that did the brutal act while everyone else in the house slept through it. 
What am I missing here?  Why can’t all three be arrested?  All three for ‪aiding and abetting‬ a crime?  Isn’t there one thing they can arrested for? 
So, unless you can prove there was a dingo in that house and it carried off Ayla, with all the DNA evidence there is no other conclusion but she died and she died without mercy.

And for the Maine Police Dept. and/or the prosecuting attorney and/or a Judge to fall back on their laurels and use the corpus delecti rule to keep from arresting anyone IS a cop out.   Someone somewhere in that department should have realized early on what was going on and worked that case so painstakingly perfect that an arrest would have been made.

To many people are getting away with killing their own children and disposing of their bodies knowing that their prosecution for their death will not likely happen, and it is up to the police to bring their skills up, so that this can no longer happen.  

Also, we must send a message that we the public won’t stand for this anymore by starting with signing a “
Press for Prosecution” petition in the Ayla case.

Deputy Attorney General William Stokes in response to the petition stated that is not how investigations are conducted.

“To allow this type of pressure to influence either the investigation or prosecution undermines the integrity of the investigation or any prosecutor’s decision in the future, ” Stokes tells CNN. “It simply cannot happen.”

His arrogance and his ignorance to state, “It simply cannot happen” is evidence itself why this case has stalled for so long and why a murder will probably never be brought to justice.  We the people CAN voice our opinion and can sign a petition, because we live in a free country.

In this case, justice is not being served and the people that are suppose to uphold it have failed miserable.  Please keep this in mind citizens of Waterville, the next time you vote.

Justin DiPietro

UPDATE:  9/17/13 – In an unprecedented act, the mother of a missing toddler says she will be releasing information pertaining to the disappearance of her daughter that she believes points to her husband as the culprit.

Trista Reynolds told WCSH6 news that on Jan. 3, the Maine Police Department showed her photos of her daughter’s father Justin DiPietro’s shoes that had blood on them, blood in his room and blood on his truck that had saliva mixed in with it and she plans to divulge this information, plus a lot more to the public.

It has been released before that blood was found in the basement of the home, but it looks as though Trista knows a lot more about it.

Why is she doing this?  According to the Ayla Reynolds website:

“We believe that Justin’s arrest on charges related to Ayla’s disappearance may lead to his disclosing whatever happened to Ayla and where her remains are.”

The website also states that they are seeking accountability from not only Justin, but Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts and their roles in covering up what happened to Ayla.

Ayla was 20-months-old when she went missing from Justin’s house on Violette Avenue in Waterville on Dec. 17, 2011.  At the time, Justin DiPietro said that he put her to bed and the next morning she was gone.

You are probably wondering like Trista why the police have not moved forward.  Well, this in conjecture on my part, but it is probably because they have no body, which is the reason there are so many people still walking free when it seems pretty obvious to you and me they are responsible for causing the person to go missing.

But our court systems won’t okay the police to go forward without strong evidence and usually that means a body because a body can tell the police the cause of death, let alone that the person is actually dead.

“The law says you must pass the corpus delecti rule, which refers to a body of crime,” Michigan prosecutor Stuart Fenton told ABC news.  “Normally, you have a body and a coroner who will tell you the cause of death.  With a missing body, you don’t have that.  You have to prove by circumstantial evidence that there was a death and the death occurred by criminal means.”

So, police search and then wait for a body to be found and  sometimes it takes years, if ever.

Authorities know more that the public about a case and can’t help but come to an opinion on who is responsible, but they cannot get in the middle of the process of law.  In most cases all they can do is put a person of interest into jail on another charge, like the Elaina Steinfurth case.

There have been people prosecuted for a crime when a body has never been found but they are few and far between.

Back in 1999,  Donald Blom was charged with murdering and kidnapping a convenience store clerk, Katie Poirier.  19-year-old Poirier’s body was never found and believed to have been burned in a fire pit on Blom’s property, but the remains were never positively identified as Poirier.   Regardless, Blom was convicted and became the first such prosecution without a body in Minnesota.

It seems the “bad guys” know more than ever they have a good chance of getting away with murder if they can hide the body.  As a result finding a missing dead person is becoming harder and harder because of it.

I don’t know what else Trista knows but it what she has said so far seems pretty incriminating.

I am sure Trista is looking for justice for Ayla and I commend her for that.  Whether her coming forward and divulging the information that the police allowed her to know will help bring the guilty party to be charged is probably unlikely, but if it does then we know the authoirities could have filled charges long ago.

Do you think what Trista is doing is a good idea? Do you think it will help bring justice for Ayla?

Trista will share her information on September 24, 2013 on a blog United for Ayla and Justice for Ayla.

DiPietro is currently in jail on domestic violence charges because he allegedly grabbed and pushed Courtney Roberts.  He is to appear in court the day after Trista reveals what she knows.

12 thoughts on “Ayla Reynolds: Mother comes forward and tells the public about evidence

  1. My thoughts and prayers for the mom and other relatives. I want to commend the mother for finishing rehab. I think this is one of the most painful issues for a mother to have to deal with..

    I do hope the father and partners fry in hell.

  2. I hope whoever is involved gets the death penalty its so frigging stupid to harm a defenseless child hope they rot in hell low class losers

  3. LE has said It is Trista's right as Ayla's mother to comment and release what she's been shown. I think LE hands are tied at this point. IMO , LE feels they have ample evidence to arrest Justin Dipietro for his daughters murder but it ultimately comes down to the AG to file charges. Once the public hear the details their will be a out cry of support for Trista and demand that the AG file charges against those responsible. Otherwise Ayla's death & LE efforts to find and bring Ayla home would have been in vain. Surly, there is something you can charge them with . At a minimum child neglect & endangerment. Justice for Ayla and peace and prayers for her family!

  4. I so wish it is true that what she reveals will make the police do more, but I happen to know that most the time they will still tell you that there is nothing they can do. I know when my son was murdered the police failed on so many levels, I so Hope that this doesn't happen in this case.

  5. I'm sorry for your loss and that law enforcement temporarily failed you and your son. I pray that they fix this soon and bring his killer(s) to justice.

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