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Brandon Lawson: Missing from San Angelo

Brandon Lawson
Bronte, Texas

Brandon Lawson missing from San Angelo, Texas since 2013.

Many of you probably never even heard of Bronte, Texas.  Located in Coke County, the population in 2011 was 995 and the town has a total of 1.4 square miles

Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson

according to the US Census Bureau.  That is where the family believes Brandon Lawson, 26,  from San Angelo was heading when he went missing.  According to the Help Find Brandon Lawson Facebook page, Brandon left his home around 11:54 p.m. on August 8, and about 45 minutes later he called his brother Kyle to tell him he had run out of gas.

Brandon also called the Coke County Sheriff’s Office and 911 to tell them he was stranded and he had “hit somebody.”  When asked if he needed an ambulance by the dispatch, he replied “No, I need a cop.”  He then hung up.

Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson

Kyle along with his girlfriend, Audrey headed out to take Brandon gas.  When he called to talk to him, Brandon told him to hurry up and get there and the background noise sounded like Brandon was “scuffling around out in the brush.”  Brandon hung up.  Audrey called back and this time Brandon said he was bleeding, then hung up again.

The police and Kyle showed up at the same time in Bronte to where Brandon’s truck was located about 4 ½ miles N of Bronte, ¼ of a block from a rest stop, but Brandon was not there.  They called again and he said he was “10 minutes up the road.”

Although a cursory search was made, Brandon was not found.  On August 11, Ladessa paid for an air search for an hour.  They did not find anything.  On August 13, authorities did a helicopter search for an hour with infra-red and they did not find anything.  Another air search was made on August 24th.  No explanation as to why there was a 10 day wait.

Brandon’s family will be joining with Springer Courtney of Texas Hog Trailz Search and Recover to look for Brandon on Tuesday September 24.  They need volunteers with ATVs and they need donations as the search is not being funded by the county or state.  They are not looking for cash but water, gift cards for fuel or to purchase items searchers may need.  If you are able to help please contact PI Brenda Paradise.

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17 thoughts on “Brandon Lawson: Missing from San Angelo

  1. The vehicle had run out of gas. Thus, the reason he had broke down. The vehicle was later towed by authorities. No evidence was recovered from the vehicle.

  2. The Brandon Lawson links in this article all link to the page of Brenda Paradise

  3. Brandon is still alive. He is hiding from the police. I know Brandon very well. He is a user and a distributer of meth. I haven't spoken to him in about a year, but this sounds just like him. He isn't this saint he is being made out to be even by his wife. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a scheme to get insurance money or just to avoid jail time. Brandon's whole family are users. Ladessa and him did not get along. They fought like cats and dogs. I'm betting he was up for a week when he was hiding in the bushes scared of his own shadow. Now everyone can bash me for saying what I believe to be the TRUTH, but this is coming from someone that was a good friend of his for a long time and the fact that Brandon has never had a job in his life besides being a dope dealer. I do wish him the best though and to his family, which I'm positive knows where he is alive and well.

  4. To Anonymous I would like to hear more from you about the case and what you posted. I am following all information and any leads. You can remain anonymous I can guarantee that your personal information will not be used. Please email me at Please to anyone else if you have any questions or information please email or contact me, my information is listed on the flyer above.
    Thank you
    Misty Vernon

  5. This man HAD a job mr. Or mrs. Anonymous! Such a good friend of his would know why him and his family Moved to San Angelo in the first place. The warrant was from 2005 (maybe a yr or two off) so he's running now to avoid jail time??? Insurance money??? But Ladessa is now working 2 jobs to make ends meat to provide for their children. Nobody is trying to make him out to be a saint… he did overcome the drug use but recently from the sounds of it mustve relapsed (which alot of people do) which is why they was argueing that night he left. Doesn't make sense she is trying to get insurance money when I'm sure if there is no dead body found insurance money won't be provided. But since you seem to know SO much…. do you know the pain and hurt in this families voices and hearts or what's on their faces? Let me tell you if theyre acting it out….. they wouldn't be needing money hhhanded to them….

  6. They would be Rich from being amazing Actors/actresses. I will pray for you if you know ACTUAL information that you call the police… but if your making assumptions as such I pray that you learn to not speak them on a public website anonymously but be bold enough to use a name!

  7. Ladessa has told us what the tape said
    I been doing my research n his case is very similar to alfred a man that went missin nov.2013 but in jasper tx. But his body was found..maybe we have a mad man loose that prey on people on the side of the prayers are with ledessa n the kids

  8. Anonymous, You have no clue what you are talking about! You do not know my cousin Brandon, nor do you know my family! You did not hear the 911 calls and him begging for help to be sent. You did not hear him running through the brush due to being chased by someone. You need to be careful of slander or you will be sued for defamation of character. My entire family are not users…get your facts straight! It is because of people like you and the reporter from San Angelo that just spew untrue facts and sensationalism that have delayed or stopped search efforts.

  9. And what's more is he did have a job! He was a Roustabout in the Oilfield Industry. Had that job a year when he disappeared! That's why they moved to San Angelo! Please get your facts straight!

  10. Anonymous, I would like it if you could contact me privately. It seems that you have a lot of information, as stated above. You can remain anonymous, I really don't care about that. But I'm asking you to please contact me as soon as possible. You can email or call me. This is very important….

  11. i have been listening to the 911 call over and over, and even with the help of my 14 and 17 year olds, which also have even better ears . .. there is more going on in the background .. on version 2 the slowed high pitch 911 call, this is what it all sounds like to me… hope it helps in some way. 2:44-2:49 into call high pitch slowed version ” * * *, the cops” ?! it almost sounds like” their here again, the cops”..but im not for sure. 2:54-2:55 1 maybe 2 words being said in background but i cant make out. 2:57-2:59 2-3 thud/banging sounds ( you can hear this even better on the super slowed version) ..and then the last 2:59-3:00 “quiet that” … i think it would be good if someone could analiaze this call with high tech voice equipment that can pick out and anailize background noises. there is alot going on in background toward the end that is very hard to hear, you have to listen really good. i think you could get alot more answers in that 911 call, that way maybe. prayers to all <3

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