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Amber Wilde: Missing from Wisconsin since 1998

UPDATE:  Green Bay police filed a subpoena and affidavit seeking cell phone records of Matthew John Schneider in what they label a “first degree intentional homicide” investigation. The court just unsealed the documents, reports the Washington County Insider.  UPDATE:  In 2016, authorities named Matthew John Schneider, the father of her unborn child, as a suspect in her case.

Original story: Amber Wilde, 19, from Campbellsport, Wis. has been missing since Sept. 23, 1998 from Greenbay.  Just before she disappeared she called her father to tell him that she had been in a car accident but was okay and would call him the next day, but she never did.  The accident left a bump on her head and a crack in the car’s windshield.

She also never showed up to class at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  Amber planned to be a pediatrician and also planned to have her baby in February and have her Aunt from Ehnert help raise it.

Police know that she called her dad and that she made a trip to the grocery store and received and made another call later in the day using the phone at her August Street apartment.

Amber never used her credit or bank cards again.  No calls have been made on her cellphone or the land line she had at her apartment, and her car remained missing until it was found in a parking lot near an Ashwaubenon tavern called the 50-Yard Line.  There were 900 extra miles on the odometer since Amber’s dad last checked it the week before.  The driver’s seat was pushed all the way back, indicating someone taller than Wilde was the last person to drive the vehicle, according to the Charley Project.

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