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Do you know who this woman is found in Orange County Florida?

Remains that were found in Orange County Florida on Monday belong to an unnamed black woman in her 20s who wore a size 7 jean said the police.

The skull was found by a road crew on Friday near Hackney Prairie Road near Ocoee

She had on a Tommy Hilfiger jacket and a heart-shaped pieced of jewelry with pink stones (pictured) and a large pearl earring.

She does not match the description of anyone reported missing and I will assume they mean in the area.  So armchair detectives and websleuths alike, beginning your search now.

I did some searching myself and came up with this:

 Christene Moore? And further search I came up with this profile on Explore Talent.

And on January 16, 2012 – she reported her car was damaged to police.

8:47 a.m. – CHRISTENE A. MOORE, 23, 1202 N. PRAIRIE, reported the front driver’s side window on her ’01 Pontiac Grand Am was damaged sometime overnight.

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