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Two teens missing since 1971 may be in Studebaker found in creek

UPDATE 4/15/14 – State and local officials held a news conference Tuesday afternoon confirming that the 1960 Studebaker unearthed last fall included the remains of Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both 17-year-olds from nearby Vermillion.

Another strange case of missing teens from over 40 years ago and a car found in the water. Two teens and the car they were driving went missing in 1971 and have not been seen since until Monday.

On Monday  a man spotted part of a car coming out of the water when he noticed a wheel in the embankment of Brule Creek in South Dakota.  The wheel became visible because the level of the creek was lower.  The police stated that the wheel belonged to a 1960 Studebaker Lark the same type of car that was Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson were in when they went missing.  Authoritie ID the license plate as SD license 19-3994 verifying that it belonged to Miller’s grandfather. 

 “The division of criminal investigation was called in and they were able to determine that the license plate belonged to one of the missing girls’ grandfather’s car,” Sara Rabern, spokeswoman for the South Dakota Office of the Attorney General told ABC News.

Later that day, Attorney General Marty Jackley announced that skeletal remains, as well as other items, were found in the car, but no identification of the remains have been made at this time.

Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson, both 17, were driving the car to a party on May 29, 1971 when they went missing. 

The car has been lying upside down in the water. When it was pulled out onto the banks you can see where the top of the car is flattened

Jackson the grandfather of Pamela, died two days ago, he was 102-years-old. 

In September 2004 bones, clothing, a purse and other miscellaneous items were found at a Union County farm, that belonged to David Lykken, but authorities have never said if the bones belong to anyone, let alone if they were human.  Lyyken, 59, is currently in prison serving a 227-year sentence for rape and kidnapping in an unrelated case. 

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