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Lisa Irwin: Age progression photo released

Lisa Irwin Kansas City, Missouri

There are many stories about Lisa Irwin on this site.  Type is Lisa Irwin in the search box above to see them all.

It has been 7-years since Lisa Irwin went missing when she was a baby in October 11, 2011 from Kansas City, Missouri.  Another age-progression photo has been released to show what she may look like today.


“Police are still working on it. We are in touch with KCPD. We still continue to give them what comes across the table. They assure us an active investigation, and they are definitely still working on it,” Jeremy Irwin said.

What Lisa Irwin may look like at age 3


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  1. Sadly I don't believe this little one is alive. The whole thing didn't add up from the get go and so many unanswered questions :(.

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