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Corvette of Florida man missing for almost 30 years found in canal

Terrance Beghin

Car  of man missing for almost 30 years found in canal.

The car of a missing Florida man has been found in a canal this week, after County workers were cleaning the canal.

Terrance Beghin was 26-years-old when he went missing in 1986.   Beghin was last seen around midnight that night and was heading out to pick up his roommate, Eric Williams in his 1982 Corvette, but he never arrived.

The News-Press reported back in 1986 that witnesses said that Terrance seemed depressed and appeared to be drunk, which according to Williams was unusual, and he had not drank in years. 

Terrance’s car after being pulled out of the canal

After the vehicle was found in the Punta Gorda canal on Thursday, Forensic personnel searched the water for  Beghin’s remains.  After days of searching through the silt and mud the searchers concluded their search on Saturday after they didn’t find anything.

Deborah Dunbar, Terrance’s sister told Wink News that she believes Terrance was a diabetic and she believes he may have gone into diabetic shock and plowed into the canal decades ago.

1982 Corvette
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