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Abigail Hernandez: Missing from North Conway Found

UPDATE:  7/28/14 – Nathaniel Kibby, 34, has been arrested for kidnapping Abigail.  Kibby who lives in Gorham, NH was taken from his home by the police.  Gorham is 34 miles away from Conway where Abigail lives. Police stated they believe Kibby confined Abigail and have put police tape around a shipping container found behind his home.
Kibby does not look much like the police sketch below.  Is that because there is someone else involved?

UPDATE  7/24/14 – According to the Boston Globe, Abigail told them that “a man in his mid-40s… drove her away from North-South Road in Conway between 2:20 and 3 p.m.

She said that he was slightly overweight and a little taller than 5-feet-4, with a large build, darkish skin, dark brown eyes, and black stubble on his face.

A New Hampshire attorney general said they were following about 20 leads.  They hope to locate the man so they can talk to him.

The family stated on their BringAbbyHome site, that Abigail has lost weight and is suffering with some undisclosed medical issues and they are trying to nurse her back to health.

“Right now, Abby is resting, extremely tired and in deteriorated health, and has lost a lot of weight.  She is working to build her strength back and we hope soon she will be back on solid foods.”

UPDATE 7/21/14 –  Abigail Hernandez, the New Hampshire teenager who had been missing since last October, was safely reunited with her family Sunday, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office said, but many unanswered questions about her disappearance remain.

UPDATE 6/7/14 – Website

UPDATE 3/29/14 – A PI thinks that Abby may be living with someone that is taking care of her.  “I think she’s still in the Northeast,” said Tom Shamshak in a Sun article. “I tend to think she may even be in the state of New Hampshire.”

UPDATE: 12/6/13 –  The police held a news conference on Friday and said that Abigail wrote a letter to her mother that was postmarked two weeks after her disappearance.
Police said it most likely came from her and it was mailed Oct. 23 and received on November 6.

UPDATE:  12/5/13 – Sources told WBZ-TV on Thursday that Abigail is believed to be alive and has been in contact with her mother.

UPDATE 10/16/13 – The FBI has released new information about the investigation of missing Abigail.  At this point, it is unclear if Abigail actually made it home after she left school.  During her walk home, she sent several texts to a classmate between 2:23 and 2:53 p.m.  She was actually seen walking on the power line trail from Eagle’s Way.

The last text message was sent at 3:07 p.m. and the signal came from the west side of Cranmore Mountain.

Police are continuing their investigation and are asking the public to keep a look out for Abby’s white iPone5 with a pink and grey case.

Original story: Abigail Hernandez of North Conway, N.H. was last seen Wed. Oct. 9, 2013 leaving school around 2:30 p.m..  She just turned 15.

Police know that she made it to her mother’s rented condo on Village way, but when Zenya Hernandez came home from work, her daughter was gone.

Above is a post assuming made by Abigail that has a link to this video below:

A dozen searchers have trekked throughout the wooded terrain and near by Sacco River looking for her and she is still missing.

Jimmy and Abigail

The FBI is called in which doesn’t happen unless they believe there has been a kidnapping.

Officials said that her phone was last used Wednesday at 630 PM near Cranmore Mountain Resort, and now it is ringing but no one is answering.

Also, Abigail’s personal Facebook page shows activity 5 hours ago as of Oct 13. which would have been approximately been between 1 to 3 p.m. on Sunday (not sure of time zone).  Is it possible that Abigail updated her Facebook page via her cell phone or on a computer at someone’s house?

Although it doesn’t show in this picture, when you put the cursor over it, it shows update 5 hours ago.


 Abigail is 5-foot-4-inches tall and weighs 118 pounds with brown hair and eyes. She was last seen wearing black stretch pants, tall brown boots and a grey sweater.

Facebook page

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the Conway PD at 603-356-5715.;;playerWidth=630;playerHeight=355;isShowIcon=true;clipId=9409067;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlayBoston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

In the Video.  Please take special attention to Trooper Jordan in the background when Zenya begins talking.  There are a lot of “tells” in his facial expression.

15 thoughts on “Abigail Hernandez: Missing from North Conway Found

  1. I'm a 53 year old woman who has followed quite a few of the missing children's cases over the years – Jon Benet Ramsey for one, and Caylee Anthony another and these were the two largest cases. This one strikes me odd. Now, I know the police must be doing their jobs but all investigations begin at the home first from what I have learned over the years. What strikes me odd, as the public, is why has their been no mention of this girls father and where he may be, if he is deceased, if he is estranged, etc. Is there a step father that is also maybe estranged? What about siblings? I found in one search on Zenya that I believe there is a sister named Sarah to Abigail? And if her name is Abigail with an “i” why is the media using Aby when describing how the mother said Happy Birthday to Aby? Also, I have to say, I did not see real tears from mom, which unfortunately seems to be a trend when some type of involvement revolves around the home, and the mother also said in her public statement – “to those that “knew” Abi” (past tense) rather than saying to those that “know” her, which I found really odd. The statement was short, unrehearsed, and much more could have been said about Abigail to make her more “real” to the public and to possibly her abductor, which sometimes helps in the release as when the name is mentioned over and over it often personifies the person to the abductor making them realize that they may have made a mistake or snaps them into reality that this person is real and will be missed and will be looked for. This is a parent's worst nightmare, and I really don't want to point fingers here, but if the FBI was called in, like you say, that means there is foul play to a 85% degree. We, the public, cannot help when we are being kept in the dark about this family's origins and anything other than “she was not home when I got there”. And what does the mother means when she says “if you see any changes in Abi”? As compared to what? We must eliminate the family before we can move on to others, and when we don't know who the family is, and the message is confusing? How are we supposed to help? Who could have come by that was a friend, neighbor or family in the time Aby got home verses her mother, which also that timeline was not mentioned? Did everyone in the condo complex have their homes searched, cars searched, timelines of coming and going mapped out? Is there a doorman, watchman, at the condo or webcams? The public needs MORE information.

  2. I printed off a couple of the photos in FB and posted them in high traffic bus stops downtown Seattle.

  3. If she is living near mt cranmore, then they have some ground To cover. I am not sure i the guy in the pic is her boyfriend and if it is then maybe she ran off with him because she didnt want to live at home.maybe he was her knight in shining armor. it is odd that her phone is working again. They need to talk to hr friends to find out what was going through her mind before she left scool that da.

  4. I agree with the lack of emotion. I was also struck tonight when her mother said we truly truly truly miss you Abby again not a tear. If she were abducted or thought to be in harmed I would think her mother would be hysterical. If my daughter had search teams looking for her I wouldn't be able to speak. It sounded to me like she was trying to convince Abby that she really does miss her. Her sister seemed un emotional too. Having daughters myself it reminded me of when my older one is irritated with her sisters antics. And what about the friend updates on face book? Has someone got her password? What about the 7 kids friended that day, is she talking with them? I don't want to speculate however the entire town is on edge and not being given correct information and it is unnerving. I hope she is a run away. And really hope she is safe. I do agree there is a lot of strange information regarding this. My own daughter noticed Abby's mother had to look to her notes to be reminded to say Happy Birthday, and I agree if you see changes? Wouldn't it be if you have seen, past tense. And yes worst nightmare and I feel for all. However there is a coldness and lack of emotion hard to comprehend given her daughter has been and is being searched for in the forest for 7 days after disappearing now over a week ago.

  5. And right? Was the condo locked? Was the door left open? We were told she made it home all along as dogs followed her scent there. Did she make a snack? Did she log on to the computer like kids do the minute they get home? Also we were told she was in yoga pants and a sweat shirt first on. That again changed. Did she make it home or not? Where is her backpack? They are not including that in a description and she is clearly carrying it from school that day they aren't mentioning she was seen carrying her back pack. My high school children could barely carry their back packs they are so full of books and she is carrying a big one in the image leaving school. Where are her books? What were her homework assignments that night? Where are they?

  6. Was this the first time she went missing? We need to be careful about judging the mother. She may be in shock and this would contribute to her presentation. If she has ran away before then the mother's. Presentation maybe frustration. The mother maybe depressed as well. Now if that happened to me, you would need to give me a horse tranquilizer to keep me under control.

  7. Does anyone know what there are for resources for the parents? Do they have a therapist/ case manager To help them through the process? I dont know if there are national programs?

  8. I wonder if there is a need to have someone who could work initially with the families. If you have someone who is less threatening and could aid in information gathering, maybe it would be successful? What do you think?

  9. I do not understand the point of critiquing the mothers coldness or lack of emotion and speculating as to her potential guilt. Either help look for the girl, pray for the girl or get off this website. Your OPINIONS are unnecessary, unwarranted, unwanted and frankly quite crude. The police do not need your input as to her her comments were believable or not or whether they should look at the father. They know their job better than you do. Your comments are an insult to the missing child.

  10. The most important thing is finding this girl. If she has been abducted or may have been I would want to see some one any one pleading to the possible abductor to return her. It seems from the pleas for Abby to come home that she ran away. I think the comments here are not suspecting the mother but simply stating that when family is on the news they are asking Abby to come home and not asking anyone to please drop her off anywhere or let her go. It is confusing. Is she a run away? Perhaps if more were known it would help find her when the public is being asked to aid in the search. No one is insulting this girl, All only want her safe return.

  11. jeesh, take a chill pill. nobody said anything about not wanting to find the poor thing. I pray they do!
    no one wants to insult anybody.

  12. Just because she became friends with someone on facebook “5 hours ago” doesnt necessarily mean she was on facebook at that time. She could have sent a friend request to other people days ago and they might have just accepted “5 hours ago”.

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