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Kelly Dwyer: Missing from Milwaukee Found

UPDATE 5/8/15 – A body found in Jefferson County, Wisconsin earlier this month has been identified as that of Kelly Dwyer.  The skeletal remains were confirmed to belong to her. 

“The cause of death has not been determined and is pending with further investigation,” said Deputy Chief Jeffrey Parker, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE 10/18/13 – A 38-year-old man that was seen with Kelly often has been arrested on Oct. 18, on drug charges.

Residents at Lafayette  Towers received an email from the property managers stating that the Lafayette Towers was the last place Kelly was seen.

A source told TODAY’S TMJ4 that a surveillance video shows Kelly entering the building but not leaving. The police have been investigating the man’s apartment on North Prospect Avenue for several days. 

The man was identified as Kris Zocco, 38, who was with her the night before she went missing.  A video surveillance camera caught Kelly going in to Kris’ condominium building, the Park Lafayette.  There is no video showing her leaving.

Kris told the police that Kelly came to his apartment and they did cocaine and then left.  The police searched his apartment and subsequently arrested him for child pornography and drugs.  He was named a person of interest by the police. 

The police also searched the Menomonee Falls landfill and came up with “potential items of evidence,” officials said. 

Previous story:  Kelly Dwyer, 27, from Milwaukee has been missing since Friday, Oct 11. 

Kelly did not show up for work at her job at Lululemon in the Third Ward.  Her room mate said she has not seen her.

It is known that Kelly was at a bar on Thursday night and spent the night at a male friend’s home on the East Side. 

Kelly doesn’t have a car and she has not used her cell phone. 

Kelly’s mom said that phone records show she was texting a Kenosha man, but he said he has not seen her and did not see her on Friday.  The man’s phone is now disconnected. 

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  1. Sounds a little strange that the man's phone is now disconnected, that might be a good lead

  2. Check the Mental Health Institutions in Wisconsin. I hear they abduct people and torture them secretly. A society of sado's who get paid by the State.

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