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Avonte Oquendo: 14-year-old autistic boy missing in New York Found

UPDATE 1/18/16 – Body confirmed to be Avocet’s.

UPDATE:  1/17/14 – Remains found on the shore of the East River may prove to be Avonte’s.  Police are now stating they had a report that he was seen running from a dog, which is one of his fears and now they believe he may have run from that dog and fell into the East River and drowned.  Avonte was also scared of water.

A young woman that called the police when she saw the remains is now being visited by the police where word got out she allegedly took photos of the remains and then posted them on Facebook.  The young woman denies that happened and says she just wants to be left alone.

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Avonte Oquendo, 14, an autistic boy from New York was last seen at the Center Boulevard School in Long Island City on October 4, 2013.

On Friday, authorities are using a recording of Avonte’s mom, in hopes that he will hear it and come out.  At this time, no one is sure if Avonte is hiding or if he was taken.

The authorities and volunteers have searched continuously for Avonte, focusing most of it to the subway and train station as Avonte is drawn to them.

Vanessa Fontaine, Avonte’s mother told CNN that she believed he is still alive and someone may be holding him.

Avonte’s parents have stated they are suing the school for $25 million, but Commissioner Raymond Kelly spoke with the safety officer at the school who stopped Avonte at the front door and told him to go back upstairs, and found it was handled correctly.  Avonte,  instead went down a hallway and out through a side door.

Avonte has gone missing several times before and has been located and brought back home in a couple of days.

Texas Equusearch arrived on Friday to help in the search for Avonte.

On Friday, Danny Oquendo, posted a message on Avonte’s Facebook page.

On behalf of my family I would love to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of support you have shown us. You have given us the strength to persevere through these tough times. Thank you for the link sharing, reposting, retweets, flyer distribution, donations, and searching. Together we WILL #FindAvonte

The reward is $77,500 for information about his whereabouts.

Avonte does not speak and is 5’3″ tall and 125 pounds.  He was wearing a striped shirt as seen in the photo and black jeans and black shoes.

IF you have any information, please contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 800-477-TIPS.

4 thoughts on “Avonte Oquendo: 14-year-old autistic boy missing in New York Found

  1. It is known that it is more likely then naught for a child or adult diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders to what is called elopement. Does he carry a wallet with his I.d. This u could blame the school if not . Has he had goals on what to do if emergency this u could blame the school. I truly do not believe anyone can blame the school for his elopement, this begpgacpvior is characterized by a fixation a need to follow through and pursue whatever it is the person with autism is thinking. It can be cyclical,a recent interest in a person,place,thing? If a child with autism is going to elope safety precursors should be in place bells alarms on doors etc… It's October has he ever been somewhere that he expects to be at tis time of year! Think he is somewhere he has been or recently or in he past…

  2. The school should be held accountable for this situation. When a parent leaves her child at school, we expect them to be safe. When something happens to your child at home, immediately parents are cataloged as child negligence and some even get their kids taken away. Although they found that the security did not do anything wrong, she did, they all did. I'm quite sure there were other security guards at the school so they all should be held accountable. At the end of the day, the DOE and and the school administration will cover themselves first before admitting any wrong doing. I've seen it happen, how security guards sit at their desks, texting, gossiping, goofing around, and even arguing with one another. I've seen them talk about who's job or turn is it to be on that post. With this tragedy, Avonte's name will be a mark and the beginning on a complete reform across the board. There will be changes and implementation of devices to keep autistic kids safe. My advice for parents is to keep constant contact with the school your child attends, show up un-announced, attend Parent meetings/PTA meeting no matter how hectic your schedule is, learn all school regulations such as A-660 and A-665 these two are very important. There are several workshops for free offered by the UFT such as: What's new in special education, study skills, the new evaluation system, selecting a high school and the transition to middle school. There is an event taking place on: Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 8:30am – 4pm (free of charge, must register, you can take your kids, breakfast and lunch is provided) must register at: The address is: 2500 halsey st. bronx ny 10461 If you need more information you can also call: Nick Cruz at: 718-862- 6074… I have attended all of the workshops and they are very good and you walk out with a lot of useful information. I hope this helps and parents please “get involved,stay involved, and make a difference” Don't forget to pray for Avonte's safe return.

  3. I cannot believe that the school would consider verbal redirection appropriate for an autistic child. They should had.a protocol written that woud involve an in school amber alert so that a team of.people could be onvoved. An invident report would be completed- especially of he has left the building before. I pray for a safe return.

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