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Chad McGhee: Man missing from Dugger

Chad McGhee

August 15, 2018 – Chad McGhee is still missing. The police in 2017 stated they believe that Chad did not just walk away, even though he had a warrant. They have asked for any tips to be sent to them.

Chad McGhee, 36, of Dugger, Indiana has been missing since August 17.

McGhee is 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds. He has dark brown hair his cousin described as shaggy and probably full facial hair as well. He has a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm and a barbed wire armband on his upper left arm. He wears a black ball cap and sunglasses and was last seen wearing all black clothing although he might have changed into a pair of blue jeans.

Police say he left home without his phone, wallet and all his personal information.
If you have any information that could help locate McGhee, call the Sullivan County Sheriff`s Office at (812) 268-4308, or call Crime Stoppers at 238-STOP.

10 thoughts on “Chad McGhee: Man missing from Dugger

  1. Why is that comment pathetic? I just did a Google search and found out he had been arrested on drug related charges (meth and marijuana). Tattoos= poor life choices.

  2. Tattoos do not mean poor life choices. I am 46 and i got my first tatt for my 40th Birthday. I have 5 and each and every one means something special to me. My way of honouring the people i have lost and the situations i have been through. No drugs involved. I lost my partner, i have his name on my arm. It gave me my strength back and i have a black cat in honour of the 175 plus people that died in the black saturday bushfires. All i ask is not to be judged just because of tattoos. Not everyone is automatically involved in drugs. Meth is an incidious drug. People make bad life choices weather or not they have tattoos. I am proud of my tattoos, they represent my life. My struggles etc. A lot of the time is doesn't go back to the tatts or the drugs it goes back to the parenting they had. I'm not defending any criminals. I'm defending tattoos.

  3. It's hard to take you seriously when you lack the intelligence to capitalize the word 'I', understand the difference between 'whether' and 'weather' as well as the other grammatical mistakes you've made. Thank you for showing that tattooed people aren't very smart either.

  4. Thank you so much. Enjoy your life. That's all you could pick on. You will never understand so no point explaining. Oh, i apologise if i can't be bothered pressing the caps up button for i. Thank you for your input, i will file it under, i don't give a shit what you think.

  5. WOW! All I can say is idiocracy at it's finest! So I guess because I have a tatoo which honours my mother's passing, this makes me either some kind of criminal, drug addict, or someone who makes poor choices? I feel really sorry for those of you who sit behind a computer and judge someone for their appearances! Some people kids lol! Where in the hell did some of our parents go wrong? By the way, I am an Engineer and feel pretty confident that the last thing I lack is intelligence!

  6. Lots of tattoos and the look of a biker or biker associate. White male with numerous tattoos wearing ball caps backwards at his age points to someone with underworld or gangster conections.

  7. Ok. This is the second post I have found this evening with you two disagreeing about tattoos and everything else that comes up. Agree to disagree, and remember this is about families & friends wanting help to find their loved ones. They do not want to read our opinions and bickering.

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