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Shausha Henson and Shaina Kirkpatrick: Missing since 2001

Shausha Henson
Shaina Kirkpatrick

Shausha Latine Henson and Shaina Ashley Kirkpatrick were last seen with their mother on April 4, 2001, en route to Sacramento, California.Kimyala Henson, the girl’s mother was to travel with Christina Mayer and her husband, Curtis to British Columbia, Canada.  Curtis was actually Frank Oehring a fugitive from Missouri.

Kimyala and her two daughters spent the night at the Shasta Lodge in Redding, Calif with Mayer and Oehring.  They traveled to Sacramento.

Kimyala’s remains were found in Nixon, Nevada on April 28, 2001.  She had been beaten and shot. 

Mayer was found dead in a car at a rest area in Collier County, Florida on April 20, 2001.  She had been shot in the head.  Oehring was in the car with her and he died at the hospital later.  The authorities ruled it a murder/suicide.

Oehring had written a letter telling how Mayer and himself were going to steal Kimyala’s birth certificate.

Shaina and Shausha’s birth certificates are missing and it is not known if Mayer and Oehring sold them.  They are still missing.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.
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