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Simone Ridinger: Missing from Massachusetts since 1977.

Simone Stephanie Ridinger, at age 17, last seen September 2, 1977 in Natick, MA leaving the Rainbow Restaurant (in Natick Square) to hitchhike to the family’s Cape Cod home. Missing person case filed at Sherborn Police Dept (the family’s home town).

“Simone Ridinger, who in 1977 was a 17 year old High School teenager from the town of Sherborn, Massachusetts went missing without a trace 35 years ago on Labor Day weekend 1977, after leaving the Rainbow Restaurant in Natick, Massachusetts to hitchhike the 80 miles to her family’s vacation home on Cape Cod. No word, or trace has ever surfaced to uncover what happened to Simone, who was a pretty, and petite teenager who was happy, well adjusted, and well liked by those who knew her in the wealthy suburb of Sherborn, Mass. where she attended Dover-Sherborn Regional High School (a regional high school serving the two upscale and adjacent suburban towns of Dover, MA and Sherborn, MA). Simone Ridinger was not an underprivileged or abused child, and was never known to have been unhappy with anything whatsoever. It is believed that she met with foul play and her life was extinguished, but no lead to who may have been involved in her disappearance has ever come to light. If you know anything that could help solve the mystery of her disappearance or might help bring her home at long last, please share it now. “

Simone is 5’2″ and weighed 115 lbs.
Simone’s birthdate is January 5, 1960.

Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and a mole on her back.

Simone was last seen wearing a Sterling silver and turquoise necklace. Simone wore rings on most, or all of her fingers.

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