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Shaun Searle: Missing from Tucson since 2012

Missing Person Arizona Shaun Searle

Shaun Searle has been missing from Tucson, Arizona since June 5th, 2012.  He was 28 when he left his mom, Penny’s home and walked down East Elm Street around 11 p.m.    Penny told the Tucson News Now, “He said he had got involved with some people the night before, some very bad people. And they were going to kill him.”

15 minutes after Shaun left, someone who Penny did not know showed up at the door looking for Shaun.  The next evening the same man showed up looking for Shaun.  Penny had never seen this man before. But says he was very interested in knowing the whereabouts of her son. The next night the same man showed up again, never making any threats toward anyone but definitely making his presence known.   Tucson Police have never been able to identify this mystery man or even confirm his existence. No leads, no tips, no persons of interest.

Shaun is 6 feet 1 inches tall, with brown hair and blue eyes, and has tattoos on both forearms. If you have any information, call 911 or 88-CRIME, the Pima County Attorney’s office.Penny does not know who the man was nor has he been identified.  Shaun left with no money, credit card or phone.

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Missing Person Arizona

9 thoughts on “Shaun Searle: Missing from Tucson since 2012

  1. I noticed he has tattoos so it would be a safe assumption he is involved in criminal doings. A simple Google search turned up comments his mother made that he was a drug addict and associated with criminals. The tattoos gave that away.

  2. You are so boring. Do you even have a life? Every person with tatts is a “criminal” and you have so much time that you spend it commenting on every missing tattooed person on this site. . Get a life. Do some volunteer work. Look after people less fortunate than you. Do something productive. This is not productive. All you want to do is get people to argue with you. Well, guess what? I won't waste my time again trying to explain what tattoos can mean to people. No point with such an ignorant, condenscending person such as yourself. It's people like you in this world that judge others. Wonder how your life would stand up to other people's judgement and generalisations. Oh, and your so weak that all you come back with is comments on “bad spelling” or “grammer”. Seriously, get a life. Do something good in this world.

  3. You're silly. He has tattoos and his own mother said he was a criminal. I was right about him. Tattoos are a sign of low class and poor life choices.

  4. Picking on spelling is actually pathetic and quite condenscending of you. How do you know the person doesn't suffer from a learning disability or dislexia? I am not just talking about this case, I was pointing out that every case where the person has tattoos you have to comment on. I see you didn't like my suggestion of helping others. Looking back on my life I think I made “worse choices” before the tattoos. Maybe it's just life experiences or circumstances that make people have to make “poor life choices”. I was married with four children. I was also abused by my husband. I would be classed “low class” due to that fact that I am a single mum. I left when my children were 8, 3 1/2 year old twins and a 2 1/2 year old. One with a disability. Financially I would of been much better off staying but at what cost? I had no idea he was violent. No one did. Not even his family. I have raised them on my own. I haven't had different “stepdads” in their lives, I don't go out, I'm here for them. I also “adopted” a young man who got into trouble not because of tattoos because of drugs. He has no tattoos. His bad choices were due to bad parenting. He is clean and totally different now. I gave him a family and a new chance. All I'm asking is that you don't judge people so quickly. Especially about spelling etc. They may have learning disabilities. As I said, we would be classed “low class” and I have been judged that BUT we are a close family. I love my boys and they love me. I have one tattoo in the honour of the man who saved my life. He passed away in March 2011. It is his birthday today. He was my best friend and I miss him, so if I have spelt anything wrong, I apologise ahead of time.

  5. Oh, and I am proud of the job I have done and am doing in raising my boys. They are well adjusted, polite, caring teenagers. If a little lazy at times. 🙂

  6. I suspected he was involved in drugs and criminal activity due to his tattoos. He was. I was right. That point seems to be lost on you. Facts are facts silly.

  7. That's twice you have called me silly. I get your point about this particular man. I was saying that you comment on every missing person with tattoos and judge them. I agree to disagree with you. You have your opinion and I have mine. We are also possibly in different countries so have different experiences etc. Take care of yourself and hold onto your family and friends. When they are gone you can't hold onto them anymore.

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