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Ben Needham kidnapped in Greece in 1991 – Authorities declare accident, not abduction

ben needham

Missing Person Iraklis Ben Needham

Ben Needham, 21 months, vanished on July 24, 1991, outside a farmhouse in the village of Iraklis where his mother and grandparents were on vacation.

7/24/17 – We have found out what was found back in 2016, it was a sandal and a toy car with human blood on it.  His mom is certain that it is Ben’s sandal.  There is a large amount on the sandal, but not much on the car and both items have been in the elements for a long time, so authorities are not sure if they can obtain DNA from it or not, but they will try.

10/17/16 – Detective Inspector John Cousins said he now believes that Ben died as a result of an accident, reports the Daily Mail.  Something was found during the excavation and search for remains of little Ben, that leads to that declaration.  The “something” that has not been released at this time other than to say it was something that Ben had when he went missing was shown to Ben’s mother who broke down in tears.

Although the digging has stopped at the location, the police will continue to examine what they have found.

‘We remain committed to the investigation and it will not simply close; myself and Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick will retain ownership of it and if new information comes to light, we will investigate it thoroughly,” stated Inspector Cousins.

9/26/16 – According to the Daily Mail, police have found dozens of bone fragments during a search of an olive grove near where he went missing.   This area was also used for grazing animals so it is not know at this point if they are human or animal bones.  An ancient burial place has been discovered in the area also.

9/15/16 – After receiving a tip, the South Yorkshire Police are going to Greece to search for Ben’s remains.  They believe now he may have been crushed by a digger.  A friend of JCB driver Konstantinos “Dino” Barkas told police Barkas who was using the digger on the Ben’s grandparents farm may have accidentally killed Ben while digging, reports the Daily Mirror.

Back in 2012, the land near the farmhouse was excavated, but no trace was found of Ben.  Now the police are going back to search but search in two areas that were not searched before where the tip claims Barkas was digging.

Kerry Needham, Ben’s mother said,

“They (authorities) said a new witness had come forward and told them there were two areas of land that building waste had been dumped at by Dino which had not been searched,” she said.

Barkas passed away in 2015.

Konstantinos Barkas

5/10/16 – Police have gone back to Greece after information they received has been corroborated.  They are releasing information in hopes that an unknown Greek man will come forward and talk with them.  The man talked with a reporter back in 1993.  He said he knew where Ben was and that his name had been changed to Andreas said the boy was being cared for by a man called Nikos, according to the Daily Mail.

10/29/13 – Police have said a DNA test carried out on a man in Cyprus has proved he is not Ben Needham.  A man who was thought to be a grownup Ben, who was a British toddler that was kidnapped on the Greek Island of Kos in 1991, has been found by the Cyprus police on Monday.  The Greek authorities were given a video of a man seen in Cyprus who resembles a computer-generated image of how Ben Needham would look today at age 23. The man was with a group of Roma people at a religious celebration near the town of Limassol, reports Ekathimerini news. The man who has light-brown hair and blue eyes, and according to Greek newspapers moved to Cyprus to avoid mandatory military service in Greece, came to the police station and consented to a DNA test.

Age progressed computer-generated photo

The man reportedly told police that he was Romanian and was visiting his girlfriend on Cyprus. The individual who filmed the video decided to give it to the police after the case of Maria, the little blonde girl that was found in a Roma camp, last week.


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