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Jessica, Alfredo and Teresa Sanchez-Deanda children missing from Madera Found

UPDATE: Three children who went missing in Madera have been found at a mobile home park in Santa Rosa, Madera police said Tuesday. The children were in good health and were being returned to Madera through assisting agencies, police said. Sanchez-Deanda was taken into custody and was transported back to Madera to face felony charges related to child abuse, Madera police said.

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Three children were last seen in Madera, Calif (near Fresno) Thursday at school.

 Jessica Sanchez-Deanda, 6, Alfredo Sanchez-Deanda, 9, and Teresa Sanchez-Deanda, 10, were last seen outside the school cafeteria Thursday wearing a Power Rangers costume, a Raiders jersey and a princess outfit.

Authorities say they may be with their biological mother Thea Ann Sanchez-Deanda who does not have custody of the kids and has a criminal record.

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The Madera Unified Superintendent, Edward Gonzalez, said they were seen lining up for the after school program, but they never went in.

“Apparently the oldest of the three, a fifth grader seems to have gone to the line they were waiting in to get into the pogrom and pulled the children out of the line and said they were leaving,” said Gonzalez.

Police say the mother is only allowed one hour supervised visits per week.

 Six year old Jessica Sanchez-Deanda, 3’0”, 40Lbs, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a pink Power Rangers suit.

    Nine year old Alfredo Sanchez-Deanda, 4’-0”, 85Lbs, short brown hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a Raiders football jersey.
    Ten year old Teresa Sanchez-Deanda, 5′-3”, 80Lbs, long brown hair, last seen wearing a black and blue princess costume.
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