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Atira Hughes Hill, Jaidon Hill, Laterry Smith missing from Mississippi Found

UPDATE:  11/8/13 – Cedric D. Mason, 30, of Jackson, Miss was arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of the family.

Authorities think that Hughes-Smith and her son were abducted and killed together at or near the abandoned farmhouse where their remains were found. Smith appears to have been killed at a house in Jackson and transported to the same location, they said.

Timothy Ladell Burns, 42, of Jackson is accused of abducting the mother and son and he is being held without bond in Copiah County Jail.

“We have located three bodies near Shelby Road that match the descriptions of the missing family that they’ve been looking for a few days. The bodies were found in an abandoned house in the woods,” County Coroner Ellis Stuart said in a telephone interview from the scene.

“They do have a suspect in custody at the Copiah County jail,” Stuart said.

Sheriff Jones told Jackson television stations that Timothy Burns, 42,  of Jackson, showed police where the bodies were.  All three had been shot.

On Monday, Jackson police recovered items linked to the family in a dumpster at a south Jackson gasoline station.

Previou story:  Authorities are searching for a missing Mississippi family after their SUV was found on fire upside down in a ditch on Saturday.

Atira Hughes-Hill, 30, and her son, Jaidon, 7, along with Atira’s husband, Laterry Smith, 34, have not been seen since Friday, Nov. 1.

The Copiah County Sheriff’s deputies received a call about a car on fire in Hermanville and when they arrived they found a tan Dodge SUV upside down in the ditch still smoking from the fire.

“The sunroof was broken because it was lying on its top and the left front fender had been damaged,” Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones told ABC News.
The police ran the plates and called the family who told them there should have been three people in the car.

After a search around the area, nothing was found and the family remains missing. If the family was in the car when it crashed they would probably be in need of medical care. Whether they were in the car during the crash and got out is still unknown.
Laterry works as a sheet rock finisher and Atira works as a nursing assistant at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. Atira did not show up for work on Monday.

If you have any information on this case, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at (601) 355-8477, the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department at (601) 894-3011 or the FBI at (601) 948-5000.

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  1. I read in the Jackson, MS newspaper, Clarion Ledger, that the family was found. All 3 are dead and a suspect is in custody.

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