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Another man missing from the same San Francisco area as 4 others

Please note that it has been brought to my attention that San Francisco is not that large and putting down the distance of where these young men went missing really doesn’t matter because the city is not that big.  

Per the comment posted below:  “…due to the fact that SF is a very small city of only 49 square miles, which means, of course, that it’s really only 7 miles N/S x 7 miles E/W. So when you talk about one person disappearing 5 miles away from another one disappearing that means they’re disappearing from all different areas of the city. It’s a bit misleading and location seems to not be a factor.”

I appreciate your clarification and I think it is an important distinction. I have left that info in, but know that I am aware of this particular information now, and thank you for bringing that to my attention.- jd

UPDATE:  11/13/13 – Another young man has gone missing, Derrick Shao.  I did the research on how many young men are missing from San Francisco from 2010 to 2013 and this is what I found

Paul Netto

Another young  man has gone missing in San Francisco under strange circumstances.

FOUND Paulo Netto (Reis), 23, was last seen on Oct. 26, 2013, in San Francisco.  The police have him classified as a voluntary missing adult.  Paulo’s body was found floating in the McCovey Cove November 9 and identified as Netto on Dec. 27, 2013. 

Paulo Netto, 23, an art student from Los Angeles from Brazil was last heard from on Oct. 28, after he made a call to 911.  He also called family and friends and seemed desperate on the phone.  He told them that he was in trouble and hiding from people who wanted to harm him, reports KTVU news.

Sean Sidi

“It was like Kevin, please, please help me, please help me, please help me,” said Kevin Viriato, a classmate of Paulo.  “I told him, if you’re in trouble, call the police, they’re the bet people to help you.  He’s like ‘Oh, oh, oh’ then he hung up.”

Ana Reis, Paulo’s sister said that Paulo called her and said, “Ana, I’m in trouble.  There are some people following me and I need help.  Call the police. Call a taxi Send someone to find me,” she said.

San Francisco police went to the location that Paulo called from near Shotwell Street, but he was not there. 

Further investigation into Paulo’s cell phone usage showed investigators that Paul would stay at friends homes and hotels. 

Then a surveillance video from a McDonald’s on 16th Street showed someone using Paulo’s credit card. Police are till looking for that individual.

Crishtian Hughes

Paulo’s disappearance reminded me of another young man that has disappeared in San Francisco, Sean Sidi.   Sean who is 19-years-old went missing from the North West Corner on his way to visit a former high school teacher at 150 Oak Street.   The distance from the Golden Gate Park area where Sean’s cell phone last pinged and the Mission District where Paulo was last known to be is 5 miles.  Plus, the distance from Sean’s former high school teacher’s home on Oak Street to Shotwell where Paulo was last known to be is one mile

There is also Crishtian Hughes, 20, from San Diego that went to visit a friend at 962 Capital Avenue in San Francisco and went missing around 2 a.m. in in the morning in Feb. of 2013.  Using Google maps, I found that Golden Gate park where Sean’s cell phone last pinged to Capital Avenue where Crishtian was last seen is 4 1/2 miles.  Remember, Paulo was last seen near the Mission District which is 4 miles from Capital Avenue.

Beau Rasmussen

Beau Rasmussen, 27, from Emeryville which is across the San Francisco bay to Golden Gate Park was at Ocean Beach to participate at the Bay To Breakers race in May 2013.  He phone, credit cards and passport were found near the Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant, which is 6 miles from the Mission District, and 1 1/2 miles from Golden Gate where Sean was known to be.  Many have resolved that Beau headed back to the beach and went swimming and drowned, but no body has every been located.

Then there is Shawn Dickerson, 23, that has been missing since December of 2011.  He left his apartment on Bartlett and 22nd Street heading to his job a mile away at Rolo’s, a men’s clothing store on Market Street.  Shawn lived in the Mission District where Paulo was last seen.

Shawn Dickerson

Jackson Miller, 19, was last seen at his home in Cupertino, California on May 15, 2010.  His car was found at the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot and he left his ID and wallet in the car.  Bridge authorities reported that there were no jumps from the bridge.  There was several sightings of him in San Francisco since then but he still remains missing.  The Golden Gate Bridge is by the Golden Gate Park.  This puts Jackson missing from the same area as Sean Sidi and Beau Rasmussen was last seen.

With all of these men who are all about the same age, and last seen in the same area before they disappeared, you can’t help but think there may be some kind of connection.  Is there a possibility that there is someone stalking men in San Francisco? This theory has not been addressed or brought up by the police.

Jackson Miller

If you have any information about any of these missing men, please call the San Francisco police department at 415-553-0123. 

2 thoughts on “Another man missing from the same San Francisco area as 4 others

  1. Interesting article. Unfortunately it's likely that it hasnt been addressed by police simply because they fear creating a “serial killer” panic within the public. Was there any report of attempted transactions from their accounts? Or calls from any of the others expressing a fear they were in Danger, or thought they were being followed? Considering the scant information provided, IF someone was abducting them in some way, it's likely they would have used a ruse to gain their trust and then immobilized them by surprise force. It's also probable they would need a vehicle for transporting them in. (the idea of ordering someone around at gunpoint while walking is possible, but not probable considering the amount of potential witnesses involved.)

    None of them seem as if they were Rich, or well-to-do. SO (operating under the assumption it was series-abductions/murders) the individual(s) responsible would have been motivated by inner-needs/compulsions.
    Thrill seeking/hedonism, or sadosexual lust motives most likely. The art student incident is interesting in that he called saying he was in danger/being followed. Any history of hard drug use? Particularly the type
    of drugs known to cause paranoia? (i.e. bath salts, crystal meth, coke etc) If he was indeed being followed by people this could indicate a certain degree of planning on the part of the potential abductor. Watching him, feeling him out, waiting for the right time to strike. (but it dosent explain why they would be so obvious about it either however.) There is no mention of any of the others expressing a fear of stalking, or threats.

  2. I just came across this article while reading about the McStay family murders. The disappearance of some of these young men I recall having read about, however several I've not been aware of. This really should be looked into further considering the time period in which they disappeared and the fact that they're all about the same age, not to mention that I'm sure their families are wondering why nothing is being done to solve these crimes.

    I appreciate having been made aware of all of these disappearances but it seems to me that it might be misleading to cite the distance between the locations the young men were last known to be, due to the fact that SF is a very small city of only 49 square miles, which means, of course, that it's really only 7 miles N/S x 7 miles E/W. So when you talk about one person disappearing 5 miles away from another one disappearing that means they're disappearing from all different areas of the city. It's a bit misleading and location seems to not be a factor.

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