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Scott Falzerano: Missing from Sitka Found

UPDATE 11/15/13 – The Sitka police said that Scott died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The case has been referred to the medical examiner for confirmation, and the police are conducting an investigation.

Scott Falzerano, Jr., 19, is missing from Sitka, Alaska.  Scott was last seen on Nov. 11, when he went into the woods to hide a firearm. 

Sitka Mountain Rescue director Don Kluting said that Scott has a gun stolen and then returned and he wanted to bury it to make sure it didn’t happen again. 

Search teams have gone through the area where he lives on Charlie Joseph Street near Indian River and did not find anything.  No one is sure where Falzerano went or if he went hiking at all and may even be in the city, but they will continue their search until he is located. 

Authorities are asking for people to help by reporting to them if they know of his whereabouts or any information that would help them piece together where he might be to call the Sitka Fire Department at 747-3233.  .

Falzerao is 6 feet tall with hazel eyes and blond hair.  He was wearing jeans and a black or red-hooded sweatshirt.

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