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Patrick McStay: Remains found belong to Joey and Summer

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Jerrie’s interview with Fox 5
Jerrie’s video interview with CBS News

Jerrie’s interview with East County Magazine

UPDATE 11/14/13  Just before 7 p.m., Patrick McStay contacted me and told me to watch the news tomorrow morning.  My heart sank.

I responded, “I am thinking you already know what they are going to say.”

His response, “Not, good!

We talked a little more and he told me that it was okay to let my followers know.  I wanted to make sure I was clear and asked him if he was told that his family had been found in Victorville.

“They confirmed Joey and Summer.  But I was told by a family member who met with LE.  The boys haven’t been confirmed yet,” he said.

The news has hit me hard.  I wondered for three years where they went, but I never ever thought anything like this.

All I can say, is Patrick you were right all along.  They did meet with foul play.  Click here to read his reasons why.

Update:  11/14/13 – 4 p.m.  On Thursday, Nov. 14, I spoke with Patrick McStay the father of Joey McStay who, along with his family disappeared from Fallbrook (San Diego County)  in 2010, after I had heard that four human skeletal remains had been found in Victorville.

Victorville is about 100 miles from Fallbrook and would take about 1 and half hours to drive there.

Patrick told me that he has been communicating with the FBI Agent on his family’s case since 2010 and he was waiting for a response.

“I have asked the FBI Agent that I have contact with, to update me on my family’s case and to clarify any information concerning the remains found that they can release or rule out my family.  I am waiting for a response and update,” said Patrick.

Investigators confirmed there were at least two shallow graves with remains, with no evidence found at a third graveside, that were found at Stoddard Wells Rd. and Quarry Rd., that have been in the area for a long time.

Joseph McStay, his wife Summer and their two sons, Joseph and Gianni were last seen on Feb 4, 2010.  They left their newly purchased home and never returned.  There SUV was found a couple of days later at the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego County, and a surveillance video shows four people that police believe could be them crossing into Mexico.

Patrick has believed for a long time that his family met with foul play.  Click here to read his reasons why.

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