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Marc Klaas speaks his mind about Sylvia Brown’s passing

Marc Klaas

Sylvia Brown the renowned psychic passed away today in San Jose.  She was 77.  Sylvia appeared regularly on TV and Radio and was a guest frequently on the now cancelled Montel Williams Show for 17 years.  Williams posted on social media that he felt like he lost a friend today.

I remember watching Sylvia on TV and was astounded about how she was able to predict things and to seemingly talk to the dead.  I would watch her on Montel’s show, but at times my suspicious about her ability, would arise.   Little hunches, or some would say psychic abilities, that made me think that maybe she really wasn’t talking to some who had gone on to the great beyond.

It wasn’t until I read a quote from Marc Klaas the father of Polly Klaas, who was only 12-years-old when she was abducted and killed in Petaluma, Calif in 1993, that I began doubted Sylvia completely and every other psychic out there.

When Inside Edition did a story on Psychics in 2011, I wrote an article on the subject, and during my research I found that Klaas had said, “Never in the history of the world has a psychic solved a missing child case.”

So, it is not surprising that Klaas posted on social media that Sylvia’s death was “good news,” and “good riddance.”

Sylvia Browne and Montel Williams

Here is the complete post:

“I have good news and bad news. First the good news: So called Psychic Sylvia Brown is dead. She will never again impose her blithering visions upon the family of a missing person. Good riddance Sylvia!”

Comments on Klaas’ post in response have been equally supportive as well as critical.

“He shows no class for a public figure,” wrote Rose.

“Being elated that someone is dead is extremely bad taste,” post Holly.

“People leave mark klass alone he is not happy that she died as a human he is happy that she cant take money from missing or murdered victims family…,” posted Tayler.

We, as a society, over the last 20 years or so, have accepted psychic abilities as a given.  We talk about is as it is tangible and many people have it.  Police detectives have been known to use psychic’s to solve crime and a popular TV show was based on a psychic that has the ability to solve crimes, but is it true no missing person has been found as a result of a psychic?

According to the FBI and the US National News they have never credited a psychic detective for solving  a crime, preventing a crime or finding a kidnap victim or corpse.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry posted a report on Sylvia Browne and said that in about 115 missing persons cases, “Browne has not even been mostly correct in a single case.”

Her most notable faux pas was when she told the mother of missing teen, Amanda Berry,  “She’s not alive, honey,”  according to NBC affiliate WKYC’s report on the segment. “Your daughter’s not the kind who wouldn’t call.”  Berry was found alive after being held captive.

“She confidently predicted she would die at 88, not 77, [which] would only be laughable if it did not hurt so many people,” said D.J. Grothe of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Regardless, if you believed Sylvia could talk to the dead or not, her notoriety will continue on.  I can’t help but wonder who she is talking to now.

Note:  I ended my 2011 article by asking anyone who has found or knew of anyone who has found a person with psychic abilities to let me know so I could share their story.  As of this writing I have received not one story.

10 thoughts on “Marc Klaas speaks his mind about Sylvia Brown’s passing

  1. Just this last July, Terry Smith's body was found buried in his family's backyard. It was found by Pam Ragland who is an intuitive person in Southern California. This happened in Menifee, Ca. Terry had been missing for three days and their was a large search effort in place. She heard the news about him and offered her services. Terry's 16 yr. old brother has been arrested. He allegedly killed his half brother and buried him in the backyard. Pam Ragland does not claim to be a psychic. She says she is intuitive.

  2. Intuitive. Mystic. Visionary. Clairvoyant. Psychic. The terms go on and on but what they mean is truly the same thing… having a true gift to see, feel, hear, sense the unexplainable. The word “psychic' conjures up negative connotations such as scam artist, con, charlatan, gypsy and more. So people use another word instead to label themselves so it makes what they won't be associated with the word “psychic”.

    Out of 100 people who claim they are psychic, I would safe to say maybe 1 if your lucky. It's very rare indeed. What psychics don't tell you, is that you can only share the information you are receiving. There is no possible way, a psychic knows everything. They can be wrong. What they can offer is options and possibilities because ultimately you are responsible for your life.

    Perfection has already been done once. You should be praying to him.

    As far as law enforcement giving any psychic credit for assisting in any case that's not going to happen. Through my experiences, in all my years of reading, I've met several police officers and detectives who have some degree of abilities. Many do believe in psychic ability but will (never) admit it. They call it hindsight or some logical explanation.

    Recently, had a “tipsy” detective I met at an event cry like a little baby when he came up to me. He said “You the psychic medium?” I replied “yes” He told me “I'm a skeptic, but then went on to share an emotional story about how is son died and the experiences he had afterwards. The ceiling fans and the lights went on in his sons room after his death without anyone in the house turning them on.

    As a professional psychic and medium, I have a true gift. I often get names, dates, cities, states, etc. that people shake their heads in disbelief when I read for them. I'm not on tv, radio, or in magazines but rather read from my kitchen table with my clients.

    In 2014, my first book will published filled with true and amazing readings I'm armed with a thick skin ready for the skeptics…who I could care a less of. On the other hand, the only thing I care about is the people who come to me looking for clarity and comfort in their lives.

    Silvia Browne real or not real? I didn't know her but I feel she was much more than a psychic. She was also a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and mother. Only she can answer now. You will do the same on day.

    God Bless

    The Chubby Psychic Medium

  3. hey chubby my long distance love i heard just got married and shes 1 week pregnant when 3 weeks ago he told me he loved me and cant live without me…i'm devastated, will he come back to me? will it ever work?

  4. It's really bad form to say negative things about someone who has just passed on. Mark Klaas is arrogant and full of himself. Sylvia was Sylvia. One should appreciate her positive qualities in public and let the criticism go. Of course, then too … what goes around, comes back around, so a forewarning to Klaas to give the dead their due respect.

  5. Browne led on and deceived many desperate families over the years, in order to benefit herself. She wasn't a charity, she wasn't a counselor, she wasn't an advocate for these dead and missing people – she was a cold reader who profited on the anguish of those who were wanting any information about their loved ones. She lived a comfortable lifestyle on the loss of others. I've never bought into the adage, “What goes around…”, simply because many disingenuous individuals are never held accountable for their destructive actions. She made a conscious choice to promote herself, to be a public figure, so there is the expectation that there would valid criticism about her work, both during and after her lifetime.

    It might be bad form to be gleeful over her death, but Browne knowingly brought a lot of pain and disappointment to families who had already suffered. She didn't give the dead nor the loved ones they left behind the respect and dignity that they deserved. In my opinion, that's a pretty poor way to spend a life.

  6. Totaly agree! She sickened me everytime she opened her mouth. I always thought, how can you even sleep at night you pig! It's hard to respect someone dead or alive that hs taken advantage of so many people at their weakest moment….Farewell Brown!

  7. Whilst I feel for her family and friends at losing a loved one to them, at least she can no longer rip people off, lie and give people false hope or no hope. Pathetic woman.

  8. Perhaps his experiences with her were different than your experiences or perceptions. I do not like name -calling after someone passes or profanity. If that is his honest opinion, he's entitled to it

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