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Holly Grim: Missing from Macungie Township FOUND

UPDATE 10/13/16 –  Michael Horvath, 49, was arrested and booked into Jail on murder charges connected to Holly Grim.

On Sept. 27, 2016, a search warrant was issued that allowed investigators to dig up Horvath’s yard.  Inside Horvath’s home, investigators found “numerous videotapes and DVD’s relating to murder, sexual deviance, and ‘hunting humans,'” according to a probably cause affidavit obtained by NBC10.  According to WCAU, during the dig, authorities unearthed a bone that later matched Holly’s DNA.

Horvath was arrested on Oct. 13 and booked into jail on murder charges.

Michael Horvath

More information has come out after Horvath’s arrest which explains more about what happened that lead to the police zeroing in on Horvath.  Investigators initially interviewed Horvath, because he was late for work the same day Grim went missing.  He said he had a flat tire.  Police asked him to submit to a DNA sample.  He told police he knew Holly and had been at her house a couple of times to help her bring a washer and dryer into her home, reports NBC Philadelphia.  During the Sept. 27, search, police also found a bloodstain outside Holly’s home that later was found to match Horvath.

UPDATE 9/30/16 -Family of Holly Grim, told Newswatch16 “this week has been very difficult” after they learned of a death investigation at the home of Michael and Cathy Horvath who live on Woodhaven Drive in Ross Township in Monroe County.  Holly’s name has been mentioned but police will not confirm that information.   Holly’s mother did state that Holly and Horvath did know each other but did not socialize outside their job at the Allen Organ Company in Lehigh County.

Original story:  Holly Grim, 41, from Lower Macungie, Penn. went missing around 6:30 a.m. on Friday. On Thursday evening she was at a bowling alley with about 150 others on a bowling league.

Grim did not show up to work Friday morning and her family has not been able to contact her.

She was last seen outside her home in the Red Maples Mobile Home Park on the 1100 block of Grange Road.

Grim is described as a white female approximately 5’3″ tall weighing about 100 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information please call the State Police at (610) 706-0613.

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