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Ricky Spindler: Missing from Indiana Found

UPDATE 5/12/14 –  Posted on Ricky’s Facebook page early today: 

“On behalf of Ricky’s family it is with very heavy hearts that we share with you the news of Ricky’s passing. To protect the families privacy we are not going into many details. His remains were recovered in Grant Park, Illinois. It appears he died of hypothermia.”

Previous story:

Ricky Spindler, 21, from Munster, Ind. has bee missing since Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.  

According to his Facebook page:
“He doesn’t have His medication, he doesn’t have money or a phone with him. He’s from the Chicago, Illinois burbs and Munster, Indiana. He has a loving family that is extremely worried about him and his safety.

The car he was driving was found in Grant Park, IL where He had gone to a house and told them he was homeless and asked to come in. His phone and car were found the next day any the neighboring house.

The grant park area was searched but nothing was found, just the car and the phone next to a pond.

We starting looking in Crown Point, IN because we’ve had possible sightings of Ricky there.

Please pass this info to friends and family on your page or however you can!”

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