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Nick Guidry: Navy Sailor missing from Washington but phone pinged in California Found

A message was left on Nick’s missing page by his wife, Cheri that stated that Nick had been found:

“My Christmas wish has come true! Nick has been found and is safe. I can’t share more than that right now but I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of the prayers, support, and love from each and everyone of you and Thank GOD as well. It means so much to me and our family. ~Cherie”

Nick Guidry has been missing since 12/3/2013. Last seen in Seattle, WA but phone was ping’d in Oakland, CA.

On his Facebook page it states that Nick drove from Marysville to Everett and took the bus into Seattle.  On Tuesday he left work at 12 noon because of a “migraine” and then went missing.  His car was still at the Everett station, which Cheri, Nick’s wife has since picked up. It is not known if he ever boarded the bus in Seattle.

He is not answering his phone and it has either ran out of battery or has been turned off.

Also, he is probably listed as AWOL from his command but this is customary for any missing soldier regardless of the circumstances of their disappearance.  

Saturday, December 7th at 5pm, there will be a large group of people meeting at the Everett Bus Station at 3201 Smith Ave to hand out flyers and to try to find anyone who may have any information or may have seen Nick. If you would like to volunteer to help, please click here

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