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Cloudia Leslie Wells: Missing from San Diego since 1998

UPDATE:  2/17/15 – Since this last post a lot of great things have been happening to help find Cloudia.

Robin told me that she will be going to California mid February to look for her mom with a friend.  Before she left, she was interviewed by several local news stations who wanted to know more about her story.

Also, partly because of Cloudia’s story and also because of Jason DeAlba’s story I decided to start a new Facebook page called Missing and Homeless in America.    This page is bringing attention to a lot of people that the homeless can also be missing.  There have been cases of veteran’s with PST and people with mental issues wandering the streets not even remembering their family is looking for them.  There is also cases of people who have suffered a car accident and it caused brain injury and they didn’t know how to get back home.  Please take a few minutes and visit the page, so you can look at all the faces and maybe you will recognize someone.

UPDATE:  Read how I, and some volunteers helped Robin search for her mom, when she came to San Diego. 

UPDATE: Jan. 2015 – Please click here to read the latest on Cloudia and an interview with her daughter where she talks about the rude phone call from the San Diego Police Dept.
UPDATE:  Cloudia’s daughter Robin found a photo in the LA times that she believes may be her mother.  The photo shows a woman covered up in a hat a coat.  Although Robin is not positive it is her mother, she sure thinks it is.  What do you think?

Cloudia “Leslie” Wells from San Diego, Calif. was last seen in January 1998.  She was staying at the YWCA in San Diego  She went to a doctor appointment and has not been seen since. 

Claudia has mental health issues and a heart condition.

She wears false teeth, glasses or contacts and has a C-section scar.  She may wear wigs and use different names. 

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