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Memorial for McStay Family planned after bodies released by coroner


A memorial for the McStay family whose remains were found in two shallow graves in Victorville after missing for almost 4 years, has been set for January 4 states Michael McStay in a post on his website.  He states that the McStay family have been brought home from the Coroner’s Office and the memorial will be at the San Clemente Pier.

“We have set a tentative date for the McStay Family Public Memorial service and Beach Paddle Out for January 4, 2014.”

There is also an invitation to all surfers who would like to paddle out at the San Clemente Pier and light candles and release leis.

Michael also stated that the family is overwhelmed by the love and support from friends and strangers have shown from around the world and the donations made on the family’s website.  He disclosed that the donations have totaled $4483.02.

If you are planning to attend you are asked to RSVP.  A “RSVP type invite will be posted on the website starting Thursday through Sunday.”

There will be one person I am assuming will not be welcome at the event.  Michael posted on his website on Nov. 27, that he has no affiliation with Rick Baker because he has “injected himself into our case, changed, concocted and altered his story numerous times,” and that the   “‘Justice for the McStay Family’ blog has NO Affiliation with any McStay or Aranda Family member associated with the case.”

He ends the post by stating, “…family members and friends have compiled mountains of documentation, video blogs & emails of the many “flip flops” in Mr. Baker’s story.”  He also asks anyone who would like to set up a meeting with a family member for documentation to send an email to:

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