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FOUND Brenda Salas: Missing from New Mexico since 2012

UPDATE 4/25/14 – A body has been found in Sandoval County.   Along with human bones; some clothing, car keys and a cellphone was scattered in the area.

Salas’ obituary has been posted on a funeral home’s website, citing her death date as April 20.

Brenda Salas, 27, from Rio Rancho, N.M. has been missing since June 2012.  Brenda’s mom, Julie Salas said she last heard from Brenda when she told her she was leaving her boyfriend.  A few weeks later, Brenda’s car was found at the Rio Rancho Walmart on June 13.

“Until we get some answers and until we find out what has really happened, none of us will rest and we will continue to search for Brenda Salas,” said Claudia Trujillo, Brenda’s friend.

Rio Rancho police are investigating the case. They said it is still open and active, but they wouldn’t release any information on whether or not they’re any closer to finding out what happened to Brenda.

Brenda’s mother said her daughter had just started going to school before her disappearance, and she has two young children.

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