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Samuel Hoyt: Last seen crying at the Virginia War Memorial Found

UPDATE 1/28/14 – Sam’s body was found in the James River on New Year’s Eve.  He is believed to have jumped from the Lee Bridge in Richmond.  His personal belongings, including a prescription for high blood pressure was found at the memorial on S. Belvidere Street. 

An autopsy showed that Hoyt drowned and suffered internal injuries consistent with a fall, Littman said. Hoyt’s body was spotted by a tugboat crew below the Osborne Boat Landing in Henrico County on Dec. 31 and was recovered by county water rescue units.

Previous story:

Samuel Hoyt, 46, from Philadelphia was last seen at the Virginia War Memorial on Belvidere Street around 6 a.m. on Nov. 22.

A security guard saw him crying by the eternal flame and asked him if he was okay and then left him alone.  He also saw Sam putting flowers near the flame.  45-minutes later, the guard noticed he left but found his passport, drivers license and other items at the memorial.

Police have searched for him, including the nearby river but have not found him.

Before his disappearance, Sam was at his aunt and uncle’s home.  He told them he was suffering with paranoid thoughts and they took him to St Mary’s for an evaluation.  The hospital released him and he returned back to his aunt and uncle’s home.  The following morning he threw furniture through a window and left on foot, leaving his car behind.

His family in Philadelphia said that Sam was a self-employed carpenter who attended art school at VCU and he was in Richmond visiting at the time he went missing.

If you have seen him or have any information, please call the police.

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