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Meagan Estabrook: Last seen in Chandler

Meagan Estabrook has been missing since Sunday December 15th at around 6pm MST. She is paranoid schizophrenic and we’re trying to get emergency guardianship so we can issue a nationwide Missing person report. Chandler police say their hands our tied until that happens so we are reaching out to any one that might be able to help.

  • Where they were last seen: Chandler, Arizona but her debit card was last used in Deming NM at the Deming truck terminal on approximately December 15th11:30pm – 12:00am MST.
  • What they were wearing: Pink pajama bottoms with black cats. Black Jacket and black hat
  • What they were driving (if applicable): 2003 White Toyota Corolla, Fly  Navy bumper sticker and freedom board shop decal in rear window.
  • License Plate # AWM 2698
  • Description White Female 23 years old 5ft 3 in 150 to 160 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, DOB : 2-19-1990
  • Photographs, including a vehicle if were driving or seen in one


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