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Mearrett “Parker” Afton Thomas: Teen missing from Leakey Found

Amber M Thomas – has posted that Mearrett has been found and is home. 

Previous story:
“This is my daughter Mearrett she sometimes goes by Parker.She is 5’8 and only fifteen.She has been missing since last Saturday.She has had no cell or internet activity since last Sunday”

She just walked out of the house and left no trace. She didnt take a jacket or her backpack. She was supposed to be going to a youth group dance but that was a lie to leave without me worrying. None of her friends have heard anything they are all actively looking. Every boy she had contact with has been questioned and they are all actively searching. The terrifying thing is she has had NO internet activity and we live only a few hours from the border.”

Here is a link to her pictures (her mothers phone number is at the bottom of the picture) picture.
 Mothers fb account can be found here (

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  1. It appears her Facebook page (Parker Thomas) was updated last night. I hope and pray she is ok and will contact her family soon.

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