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Patrick Bagley: Man missing from Salem, Alabama

Patrick Bagley, 60, from Salem, Alabama in Lee County has been missing since May 2013.  His family stated that a home security camera showed Patrick going to his dog’s grave and was extremely upset/crying…he then went into the neighbors camper and came out with a different change of clothing that belongs to the neighbor. His own clothing he must have carried out..a white t-shirt was found down the road. He had a bewildering look on the home security camera and went out to the front of his property and started to walk away. A local BP gas station, stated he came and purchased 3 packs of cigarettes. He disappeared from that point and remains missing.
Please contact  918-527-0080 if you see Patrick, or leave an anonymous tip here.

Patrick wears glasses but did not take them with him Hair color Gray or Partially Gray
Head hair
salt and pepper with bald spot in the back
Body hair
Facial hair
sometimes has beard and mustache or clean shaven
Left eye color Hazel
Right eye color Hazel
Eye description
Walks with a limp

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