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Thomas Lang: Missing while hiking in Manzanita Campground Found

Update:  12/4/14 – The parents of Thomas Lang, who were still searching for their missing son, believe they have found his remains.

Lang’s mother called Coconino County Search and Rescue on Saturday, almost a year from when her son disappeared, to report that she and Lang’s father had found a jacket and shoes that may have belonged to their son in an area known as Secret Canyon, Gerry Blair of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office told AZ Central news.

Lang’s parents had been searching and hiking the area on weekends for any sign of their son since the official search was called off late last year.

A search by authorities discovered a tarp, a backpack and a guitar that were the items that Lang had with him, along with human remains.

A positive identification will be made by the county coroner.

Previous story:
Thomas Lang, 22, was in Arizona to visit with his family for his brother’s wedding.  He went hiking at the Manzanita Campground in the Oak Creek Canyon area after his dad dropped him off on Wednesday.  He was spotted at the Manzanita Campground on Wednesday.  He was to return on Sunday morning but he did not show up.

A rescue party has been searching for him in the area outside of Sedona along with Yavapai county Seriff’s helicopter unit and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office., but so far he has not been found.

Lang’s family members said he was expected to hike through the Sterling Pass area of Oak Creek Canyon, which links to trails in the popular destination north of Sedona.

His mom said he didn’t have a cell phone or food but he did have water, plus he outdoor survival experience, although she does not know if he was prepared for the cold nights.

Thomas is 6’1″ tall and 140 pounds with blond dreadlocks and hazel eyes.

Thomas was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt and had a red sleeping bag, a white tarp, a guitar and a blue backpack.

Anyone with information about Lang’s whereabouts are asked to contact the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office at 1-800-338-7888 or the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 771-3260.

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