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Kianna Jackson and Monique Vargas: Missing from Santa Ana

sable pickett
Kiana Jackson

UPDATE 4/13/17 –  Gordon confessed to murdering all four women during a 13-hour interview with police. Gorgon was sentenced to death in the murders Cano is currently awaiting trial.  Now we are learning there was one more woman that up until now was known only as a Jane Doe.  Gordon stated that in February 2014, he killed another woman who he didn’t know the name of.  He described her as in her 20s, petite with black hair and tattoos and she was from Compton, reports NBC News.  Anaheim Police Department Det. Julissa Trapp determine to find out who the woman was kept investigating till he found someone that she thought was her family, and they stated they had not seen her in a while.  Further investigation led to her name.  She was 19-year-old, Sable Alexandria Pickett.

UPDATE 4/14/14 – The social media has been wondering for awhile now if the cases of four women that went missing from Orange County were related and now it seems they are.

Franc Cano, 27, and Steven Dean Gordon, 45, were arrested about an hour apart near their RVs on Friday, Anaheim police Lt. Bob Dunn said.

“We believe we have two serial killers in custody and we have stopped them in their tracks,” he said.

Police began investigating the Jarrae Nykkole Estepp case.  She was found March 14 on a conveyor belt at a recycling plant in Anaheim.  Epstepp case was compared to the cases of Kainna Rae Jackson, 20, Martha Anaya, 28 and Josephine Monique Vargas, 34, reports The Orange County Register.

It has not been released how the police were lead to Cano and Gordon, or even what they knew that led them to the other three missing women cases.  Cano and Gordon had been arrested in the past and charged with lewd and lascivious acts on children under 14 years old, and were currently wearing GPS trackers, which may have put them at the scene, but this is only a conjecture on my part.

Cano and Gordon have been booked for suspicion of killing Jackson, Anaya, Vargas and Epstepp.

Previous story:

Kianna Rae Jackson, 20, went missing on October 15.  She was seen getting off a bus at the Santa Ana terminal and checking into a motel in Costa Mesa.  She went missing several days later.

Josephine “Monique” Vargas, 34, went missing around the end of October 2013 from Santa Ana.

The police are saying that these two woman, including Martha Anaya disappeared along a half-mile stretch of First Street between Grand Avenue and the 55 Freeway.

Andrea Nichole Palma, 28, went missing on November 23, 2013, but was found in December.  She stated she did not want to be found because she had a warrant.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Kainna or Monique or Martha, please call the police at 855-847-6227 or 714-245-8393.

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