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Willis Hughes: Missing from Davenport – Found

UPDATE 4/30/14 – Police have confirmed that Willis’ body was found Tuesday along the shoreline of the Mississippi River east of Fairport, Iowa, by some fisherman.

A forensic autopsy was performed Wednesday and dental records confirmed the body is that of Willis Hughes, 45, Davenport Assistant Police Chief Don Schaeffer said.

Willis went missing in December, shortly after his wife died from a sudden heart attacked. 

“He went into a deep depression. leaving strange messages leading us to believe he would harm himself. Then on the 21st a friend visited with him at his home that was the last we seen him. He hasn’t went home to work used his cell phone or moved either of his vehicles.”

One thought on “Willis Hughes: Missing from Davenport – Found”

  1. You hear about married couples dying close together, especially elderly couples. But they were only in their mid-forties! How incredibly sad for all who knew them.

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