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Richard Hess: Missing from Barnett since 2010

Richard Hess

Richard Hess has been missing from Barnett, Mo. since December 5, 2010, after a house explosion and fire.


According to the maternal family they were not interviewed when he went missing and it was three days after the incident that the police talked with Richard’s mother and cousin who were living in St. Louis at the time.  The family is looking for answers to what happened to Richard.

Below is information posted on the Finding Richard Hess Facebook page:

“What I have been told is that, Richard was at his cousins house in Barnett, Mo his cousin left and Richard was alone in the house when there was an explosion and the house was engulfed in flames. His dad who was digging a grave at the cemetery right down the street raced to the scene and went in a window. But was driven out by smoke and flames. About 20 law enforcement officers arrived at the scene with a dog that was supposed to be trained to find bodies. There was no trace of Richard or a body of any sort. And Richard has not been seen since. We know there was people out there that was lets just say not on the best of terms with Richard because of a case about 8 years prior and there had been threats. But Richard had also cut his face out of family pictures. His mother Tammy needs and deserves answers no matter what the truth is we need to know. This has ruled her life for 3 years and she is determined to find answers and I stand with her. If there is anything in this post that is bad information and you know something that you can add to it, please send us a message on this site, if you do not want your information to be published we will keep it confidential. Thank you to all who “Like” this page and know Richard, Tammy and Donnie and just want him to be found.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, or want to leave an anonymous tip, please do.

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