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FOUND Luke Arduini: Yahoo programmer missing in Oakland

UPDATE:  It was determined that Luke jumped off the bridge.  RIP.

UPDATE 12/31/16 – I checked today to see if there was any new information about Luke.  This photo of him with his kitten is so sweet and I have wondered for a long time what happened to Luke.    Click here to read what I found.

Luke Arduini, 28, from Oakland, Calif. has been missing since New Year’s Eve.  Luke was last heard from after he posted photos online before taking an Uber car to his apartment on Embarcadero West in Oakland.  They believe he made it home.

Luke works for Yahoo as a java script programmer and the company has hired a PI to look for him.

According to CBS, the PI talked to KPIX5 from his office and said he found Luke’s tie he wore to the party, a diabetes kit and some anti-depressant pills, and a kitten (photo above).  BUT, according to a friend the diabetes kit was because Luke thought he had mono.  Luke does NOT have diabetes.  Family and friends said he was not taking anti-depressants.

James Vierra the PI said that Luke had talked about feeling as though he would be better off not being around, and he also tweeted a friend and said “thanks for being a great friend.”  But, on his Twitter account he was posting comments about the end of the year and that comment may be just no more than him saying thanks for being a great friend this year, as he had positive comments about the new year, too.

As you can see, what the PI has said does not corrolate with what his family and friends know.

Luke is a native of Selkirk (Albany), NY and he took a trip with friends to Thailand, but that doesn’t mean that he has gone to Thailand now.  I hardly think he would have left without having someone taking care of his kitten as he seems very attached to the little guy that he named Nehme and adopted from the Human Society.

Arduini is about 5-foot-10 and weighs between 150 to 170 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt and red Converse All-Star sneakers. He has a tattoo on his throat of the number 42, as well as a tattoo of a heart with crossbones on his upper chest, Luke has tattoos of code rm -rf / Linux code on his lower chest and a green arm band on his right bicep.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oakland police Officer Victor Arvizu at (510) 238-3641 or private investigator James Vierra at (415) 999-5911.

If you have any information on his whereabouts please call the Oakland Police Dept. or leave an anonymous tip here.

“Luke Arduini is an exceptional JavaScripter (one of the 36% most active JavaScript users) who spends a lot of time commenting on issues between pushes. Luke is a nine-to-fiver who works best in the morning (around 11 am).
Luke’s developer personality is very similar to Petr Vostřel‘s but Petr is less of a follower. There is also an uncanny similarity between Luke’s activity stream and those of Luke Charde, threeqube, Oscar Godson, and Christian Ziegenrücker.
It seems like Luke is—or should be—friends with Rod Vagg. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Rod speaks more languages. There is also an obvious connection between Luke and Joseph Werle, Isaac Z. Schlueter, Matteo Collina, and Julian Gruber.These days, Luke is most actively contributing to the repositories: isaacs/npm, ender-js/Ender, luk-/npm, mikeal/node-meatspace, and joyent/node.”From his friend:
“I am a friend of Luke’s. I want to elaborate (and correct) a bit of info… Hoping someone in this community can help us find him because the police are doing NOTHING to help.

Luke was not diabetic. He came down with mono and thought it might be diabetes… That’s why there was a testing kit in his apartment. Anyone can buy one (he got his at Walgreens).

Luke was not “emotionally unstable” as this PI claimed. Up until three days after he was reported missing, the PI had not spoken to any of Luke’s family or friends… He went off information from people who did not know him.

– Luke had been living in CA for a few months. He had not been there long but was able to make quite a few friends.

He has never travelled to Thailand alone, as claimed in some reports. He travelled with friends to train and compete in martial arts (there are pictures on his social media sites of this– with Luke AND his friends).

– He lived in an apartment in Oakland, alone, with his new kitten.

– When Luke left his friend’s apartment on New Years Eve, he got into an “Uber Car” (car service) and returned to his apartment in Oakland. He may have changed clothes, and may have been wearing a purple Yahoo hoodie, slim jeans, and red Chuck Taylors.

I have contacted the various news outlets to correct this information but so far no one has gotten back to me. Oakland Police have essentially told us that they are not treating it as a priority because he is an adult and they cannot prove foul play.

I have called the hospitals in the area, as well as the medical examiners office and surrounding police departments. There has been no sign of him.

Please… If you can help… It would be SO appreciated.”

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