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Harry Devert: Man traveling on motorcycle goes missing in Mexico Found

UPDATE:  7/18/14 – A corpse found along a dirt path in a remote town in Mexico has been confirmed to be that of Harry Devert,

UPDATE:  7/12/14 – The remains of Harry Devert are believed to have been found in two plastic bags in La Union in the state of Guerrero, according to the Mexico news.

The blog, Borderland Beat, quotes Devert’s mother, Ann saying that the remains were found with a green Kawasaki motorcycle bearing an identification number that “matches Harry’s bike.”

In March a rumor surfaced when a group known as Pueblos Libres hung banners that said “El Tigre,” was responsible for the death of an American citizen as well as the disappearance of a globetrotter,  which authorities felt was a reference to Devert.

Previous story:  Harry Devert, 32, from Pelham, New York has been missing since Jan. 25.  Harry had embarked on a multi-continent motorcycle journey starting from New York City across the US before going to Mexico.  His last message was via his phone when he told his girlfriend, Sarah on Jan. 25 at 3:18 EST on WhatsApp, he had been sent out of an area.

“Just got an hour and a half long escort out of some area it was too dangerous for me to be. Stopping for lunch and … voila Internet. … Gonna get back on the road soon. Apparently there’s another military escort waiting for me in some other town… I’m running way late because of the crazy military stuff…hopefully get a chance to talk to you tonight when I (hopefully) finally arrive.”

Harry’s mom Ann Devert began worrying about him when she didn’t hear from him on his dad’s birthday.  Ann also said a day before Harry was to travel to Zihuatanejo he had talked with a couple who had already been there.

There has been no activity on one of his debit card that we have been able to access since he has been missing. His cell phone is 011 52 1 434 116 2164 and the provider is Telcel. His phone is no longer in service.

American Embassy is actively working with Mexican authorities. French Embassy is also aware as Harry has French citizenship.

Harry is 6 foot, 190 pound and is riding a green Kawasaki.  His plans were to go through Macheros to Zihuatanejo along the coast.

Help Find Harry Facebook Page.

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