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Antonio Saldivar: Teen missing after car found totalled Found

UPDATE 2/27/14 – A male body found trapped between two barges in the ship channel was found to be Antonio’s. Authorities got a call from someone who had seen the body wash ashore near scrap metal plant Texas Port Recycling. EquuSearch told Eyewitness News that the family members have been informed the body was Antonio’s.

Previous story:  A teen went missing on Valentine’s Day on his way to his girlfriends house.

Antonio Saldivar, 17, left his home in the southeast Bellfort area of Texas around 6 p.m. to go to her house, driving his mother’s car.  His mom, Connie Netro, called and sent him text messages when he didn’t return home.  He answered her 10 p.m. text message but did not answer the one she sent an hour later.  Finally he answered again at 4 a.m.

Connie told Eyewitness News that she told Antonio he was in trouble and asked where  he was.  He responded he knew he would be grounded and he was leaving now and was heading home.  Antonio never made it.

It was later found that Antonio never made it to his girlfriend’s house. 

Then Antonio’s car, a green Hyundai Sonata was found early that morning.  It had been totaled after hitting a pillar on Harrisburg.  Antonio’s shoes were found inside the car.

A witness said they saw a dark SUV run Antonio off the road which caused him to drive head on into a pillar.  You can’t help but speculate if this is what is happening to a lot of missing people in the Houston area.  But, if so, who is doing it and why?

Is this the case of a teen worried about totaling his mother’s car and worried to come home, or is the case of a teen who was run off the road on his way home and then abducted?

Antonio was seen wearing a purple leopard-print hood with a black muscle shirt underneath, khaki shorts and brown deck shoes.  He has a tattoo on his left  of a clown-faced girl removing her shirt and a tattoo outline of Texas with Houston in the middle.  Antonio is 5’7″ tall, 145 pounds with black hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Houston police at 713-222-3131. 

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  1. Somebody missing and you're worried about a damn typo…get your priorities right! Hope you don't have a missing loved one and all that is said is…you have shit misspelled! Prayers he comes home safe!

  2. How sad! What did he die of? The wreck? Was he disoriented after the wreck and wandered into the ship channel? How awful. Prayers for family, friends, investigators, rescuers, searchers.

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