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Do you know this homeless woman? Found

Mike was able to talk to Charlene’s mom after she left a post on this page, and we have a positive ID that this is Charlene Steward and her mom says she is homeless by choice.

A big thank you to Mike for all he has done by trying to locate Charlene’s family, and following up with talking to Charlene’s mother.

You kindness to another human being is exemplary.

Previous story:

This story comes to us from Mike Perry who is in the National Guard:

February 13

“While I was escorting a AP photographer to a crash scene in North Georgia I came across a young lady named Charlene Stewart she said she was 27 has a one year-old child that lives in Florida with her mother and is from Florida. 

She did name the city but all I could understand from her was it started with Port. We took her to a National Guard Warming center and I had our Chaplain speak to her and see what resources we could use to possibly get her home.

I added these photos in hopes someone would recognize her.”

If anyone does please contact me via Facebook. (Click on link above to contact Mike).

Charlene lives in a tent near Interstate 75

THANKS, Mike for the photos and info. Readers if you recognize this woman or think you know who she is, please send your tips to Mike, or leave an anonymous tip here.
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)



21 thoughts on “Do you know this homeless woman? Found

  1. Her name is Sharlene nichole stewart , her mother has custody of her son in port charlotte fla she has two other girls one with me and the other she gave to an airforce guy currently living in italy.

  2. Mike, this is my daughter. I sent you a response and my phone number thru FB, it said it would go to your “other” folder.

    Dawn Stewart

  3. I just met her on April 11, 2014 in Sam's parking lot in Marietta. She told me where she “lives” in the woods. I gave her all the money I had and a Walmart card. She was very leary of me trying to help her.

  4. I believe I met Sharlene today, we talked for over an hour! She is such a beautiful and sweet woman. Looking to talk to Dawn. Not sure how I could help her, she is very health conscious of her food! 😉 I could learn a thing or two!

  5. Hopefully Dawn checks back here or you can click on Dawn's name above and send her a message if you haven't already. Thanks for letting us all know.

  6. Charlene was my best friend we grew up together in Edmonton Alberta Canada. She always had a loving soul and she was spontaneous. I was actually just looking her up a couple days ago trying to find a Facebook account for her so Charlene if you read this can you please get ahold of me my number is 1587 926 4647 and its Bobbi Jo for anybody else who happens to find other please take care of her she's a loving person without much personality. I miss u so much u were my one and only gf and u hold a special spot in my always remember when your dad got me that my first job at his friends greenhouse. That was the most relaxing job ever

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