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Derick Higgins: Missing from Illinois since 2013 FOUND

UPDATE:  1/22/14 – More of the story about what happened to Derick has come out.

Derick was arrested for vagrancy in Las Vegas in April 2014.  Then they wrote him another citation in June.  A fingerprint match from that arrest led the family to Las Vegas, but by then they could not find him.

Then this month, San Diego Harbor Police found Derick on the 800 block of E. Harbor Drive.  They noticed he was acting nervous so they stopped him.  When he gave his name, they saw he was endangered and was taken to a local hospital.

When the family arrived at the hospital Derick hugged them.

They learned that Derick had been on the streets for almost two years and during that time and been beaten and burned and was eating out of dumpsters.  The family believe that several car accidents he had before he went missing probably contributed to his memory loss.

I believe that there are probably a lot of missing people out there that are living on the streets.  We are pretty sure that Cloudia Wells is, and Jason John DeAlba and my guess that Christopher Tully is and maybe even Shane Fell. 

Colleen, a reader brought up Bryce Laspisa may also be homeless and wandering.  There are several unconfirmed sightings of him posted on his Facebook page.

So with that in mind, please observe the homeless person standing next to their shopping cart or asking for change at the local Walmart.  They just might be a missing person.  Next time you hand them change, ask them their name, you might be surprised to find out they willingly give it to you and you find out later they are missing.

UPDATE:  1/19/14 – The family has been able to post again about Derick: (please note the latest updates are at the top.)

“Last night, we were able to see and visit with Derick for a short amount of time. He was happy to see us, and wants to come home. Please continue to pray, as we know it will be a long road ahead. We will try and share updates as we get them, but please help us, help Derick, as he is currently easily overwhelmed. We know all of you are as anxious to see him as we were, but please respect it will take time for Derick to get to that point. During just our brief visit with him last night, it seems as though he has been through more than ever imaginable.”

UPDATE:  1/17/14 – After missing for almost 2 years, Derick Higgins has been located in a hospital in San Diego.  I have seen his posts regularly on Facebook as “Hurry Higgins, Hurdle Home.”  It may have been the name that helped it stand out.  This was posted on his Facebook page on the 17th:

It has been confirmed that Derick is in a hospital in California. PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR PRAYERS! Derick’s parents are on their way to California to see their son for the first time in almost two years. Thank you so much for your continued support and positivity! Please pray for their safety on the way there and Derick’s mental and physical health.

Previous story:

Derick Higgins, 21, from Fulton County, Illinois has been missing since March 2013.

Derick left his home in a tan 1998 Buick LeSabre with license plate L987041 that has a cracked windshield and front bumper damage.  He left behind his phone, video games and clothes.

Per his Facebook page:

“Derick was last seen on March 21, 2013 at a bank in Canton, IL not far from his home in Smithfield. Three days later, his car was found abandoned outside Tallahassee, FL. His wallet and ID were inside. Those with information are urged to call the sheriff’s department at 309/547-2277 or Fulton County Crime Stoppers 309/547-3939 in hopes of his safe return. His family is offering a $1,000 award for anyone who has information relating to his disappearance or location. A reward will only be payable if information received is relevant and useful regarding Higgins’ disappearance or current location. The reward will not be payable to anyone who assisted or participated in Higgins’ disappearance. 

Derick Higgins is 6 feet tall and weighs about 160 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a dark-colored hoodie and blue jeans. Derick is a fun loving family guy. Days have turned to months, and months to a year. We ask that you find it in your heart to do what Derick would have done for anyone in need. Please help us find him. -Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.If you have any information please call the Fulton county Sheriff’s Office at 309-547-2277.”Derick’s Facebook page

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