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Holly Bobo: Man arrested and search warrants executed and continuous updates on the case

UPDATE 8/28/17 – September 9, attorneys will select jurors for Adam’s trial.  He has plead not guilty to kidnapping, rape and murder charges.  Jason Autry was offered federal immunity in exchange for his testimony against one of his co-defendants, according to court documents.  Terry Britt, a convicted sex offender with a long history of sex-related crimes, was mentioned in court.  The TBI raided Britt’s home following Bobo’s disappearance, and questioned him about the incident.  He was arrested ten months later and indicted for a 2008 kidnapping and rape of another woman who lived two counties away.  Zachary’s mom thinks Britt should be looked at as a suspect instead of her son.

UPDATE 4/23/17 – A trial for Adams was scheduled to start April 3 but has been pushed back to July 10, 2017.

Zachary Adams is a very happy man after his arrest.

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UPDATE  9/8/14 – The TBI has announced that the skull found in Decatur County on Sun. belonged to Holly Bobo.

UPDATE 7/11/14 – Channel 4 reported last week that Shayne Austin, Jason Kilzer, Jason Autry, Michael Alexander and Victor Dinsmore had been given immunity deals in exchange for their testimony.  Both Dylan Adams and Kilzer are accused of selling and disposing of a gun, moving it across state lines, and, according to the indictment, the gun’s serial number had been removed. The gun was found in water.

UPDATE:  5/8/14 – Shayne Austin, 29, identified as suspect by a prosecutor in an email, may be indicted alongside Jason Wayne Autry and Zachary Rye Adams, reports the Tennessean.   Austin was arrested in 2009 for DUI and in 2010 for being out in public carrying a shotgun.

Cindy Adams, Zach’s mother told Fox 17 news in March, “He (Jason Autry) was a friend and he was in and out of Zachary’s house a lot. From what I asked people, he supposedly was living there when Holly disappeared.” Cindy also stated, “He’s been friends with both Zachary and Dylan since they were kids, went to church together, hung out together.”

UPDATE 4/29/14 – Jason Wayne Autry, 39, of Holladay, Tenn., was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday afternoon on first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping charges, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director Mark Gwyn, reports USA Today.    Evidently the police have witnesses that saw Holly alive after she went missing and was with Autry and Adams. Currently, Autry is in Riverbend Maximum Security Prison on a  unrelated aggravated assault conviction.

He’s been friends with both Zachary and Dylan since they were kids, went to church together, hung out together.”

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UPDATE  3/5/14 –  Zachary Rye Adams, has been charged with the aggravated kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo. A grand jury returned the indictment on Wednesday.  It is extremely rare for someone to be indicted for murder without a body.

Have the police found something and are waiting for DNA testing to be sure before they announce it or did Zach confess?  Something very convincing must have been found or said in order for him to have been charged with murder.

UPDATE:  3/4/14 –  NewsChannel 5 obtained documents that gives us more background on what happened leading up to Adams’ arrest.

On Feb. 24, the Benton County Sheriff’s pulled over a van.  Inside was Toni Craig and Christopher Bray.  NewsChannel 5 says that the van was owned by Amber Bray, the sister of Zachary’s girlfriend.  Although not clear, somewhere along the line the sheriff search the van and found NOT drugs, but pearls they were later identified to belong to the Tennessee Shell Company, specifically Johnny Latendresse who died a few years ago.

A few days later authorities went to Court Street to talk to Bray and Craig about the stolen pearls.  Zach opened the door and gave them more pearls and told them they were stolen.  Craig and Bray were found in the house trying to flush the pearls down the toilet.

So, Zach allegedly threatens to kill Bray on Feb . 6, she reports him and then on Feb. 24 she is stopped driving her sister’s van with stolen property and then on the Feb. 26, she is found in Zach’s home flushing pearls down the toilet.

UPDATE:  3/3/14 – Zachary Adams was in court Monday morning for an arraignment hearing on the assault charges and was heard telling a photographer to not take his picture because he was “not the one.”  I find that a curious statement.  Most people say, I didn’t do it.  My first thought was may he was not THE one, but maybe he was one of several people that had something to do with Holly’s disappearance.

Also, according to a court affidavit, the assault charges were the result of Zach allegedly using a gun and holding it to a woman’s head on Feb. 6 at his home and threatening to kill her.  He also threatened to “gut” her with a knife.

Although we do not know who this woman is, it could be the same one that he has listed as “in a relationship” with on his Facebook page, a day after the reported assault.

Not sure if this Amber is the same Amber
if so, she is currently in jail.

Just found out that the woman’s was Amber Bray and not the woman that Zach said he was in a relationship with, NewsChannel 5 reported that Amber Bray was the sister of Zach’s girlfriend.

Surprisingly, Judge Rick Woods set bail at $1 million.

Previous story:  Hope arises that information leading to the finding of Holly Bobo will be found after the police began searching the home of a man that Holly Bobo knew.

Search warrants have been executed at a house that is located about 15 miles from where the young Tennessee nursing student went missing in 2011.

Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo, then 20, was last seen near her car on Swan Johnson Road being escorted into the woods by an unknown person wearing camouflage clothing, as described by Holly’s brother.

Her disappearance reached the national level and the media all but camped out in her small town in Decatur County for several weeks as they waited for updates from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations.

Evidence was found the following weeks after she went missing.  Some proved to be not connected to the case at all.  In one instant the evidence turned out to not be blood but bird poop, but other evidence turned out to be vital.  One such item, was a white lunch box that was found about eight miles from her home in a creek.

Holly’s home

Early on in the investigation the police also were able to track Holly’s phone through her cell phone records, because it had not been turned off.  The path went through Decatur and Henderson counties.  The trace shows the phone stopping for about 15 minutes at a remote cemetery.   The cell phone was eventually located along a highway north of Parsons, 8 miles from her home, and the SIM card was found a mile from there.

Map showing where items were found belonging
to Holly and where the cell phone was tracked

Because the route was winding but deliberate, “you would have to know the area to get through the woods,” said former LAPD Detective Lou Leiker told WRCB news.
Why a search warrant is now being served at a home on Adams Lane in Decatur County that is owned by Zach Adams, 29, has not been answered by authorities.

This depicts the route from Holly’s home
to Zachary Adams’ home

The FBI and TBI have worked in tangent going through the house and the grounds and even bringing in a cadaver dog.  Four vehicles have been towed away from the home, report The Tennessean.

The police won’t say why the arrest of Zachary Adams on drug charges earlier in the week in Benton County and an arrest for aggravated assault on Friday led them to search his home in connection with the disappearance of Holly, but I do know that you have to have a strong case in order to even get a search warrant in the first case. If it possible that police were able to get his DNA when they arrested him in Benton County and with that they were able to get a search warrant?  Is it possible he assaulted a police officer when they showed up with their search warrant?

We do know that the TBI has talked to Adams before.  According to Danielle Darnell, Holly’s friend, the TBI had been on his property and they were aware that Adams, along with two of his friends were following Holly around during a “coon hunt dinner,” a week before she went missing.  Has the TBI been waiting patiently for Adams to slip up so they could act on their suspicions?

Danielle Darnell told the Jackson Sun that she had talked with the TBI about Zachary, who she had known all of her life.  It is pretty safe to guess that Holly probably knew him also.

The description of the person that took Holly was said to have been a white male between 5’10” tall and 6 foot and weighing between 180 to 200 pounds.  There are many people that fit that description, including Zachary Adams.

Zachary Adams on Facebook

As of Saturday, authorities have not named anyone a suspect and were quoted to have said it was premature to say there are any suspects at this point.

“This is a very important time in this investigation. We’re not going to say or do anything at the point to interfere with this investigation,” said TBI Director Mark Gwyn Friday afternoon. “Hopefully we’ll be able to return Holly home safely to her parents. That’s our goal.”

Zachary Adam’s not so happy in
this booking picture

With Gwyn’s carefully worded statement you can’t help but wonder if they know more than what they are saying and are making sure they are handling the case strictly by the letter of the law in case it ends up in an arrest.

On February 12, Zachary posts that someone broke into his home.  Is it possible it was someone looking for evidence?  Did they find something and turn it into the police, resulting in this current search?

Was Amber Bray allegedly assaulted by Zach because he thought she was responsible
for breaking into his home?
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