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Eugene Williams: Disappears in Oklahoma after telling dispatcher he was being chased by police

UPDATE  – Could not find any follow up, but did find this obituary.

UPDATE:  3/18/14 – A body that was found along a creek bank in Washita County.  The body will be identified by the medical examiner to confirm his identity.

A man who said he was being chased by the police has gone missing in Washita County Oklahoma.

Eugene Williams, 63, from  Oklahoma City called the non-emergency number for the Beckham County Sheriff’s Office on March 2, and said that he crashed his car while trying to get away from the police that were chasing him.

The dispatcher told him that no one from the Beckham County Sheriff’s Office was chasing him, but Eugene said he still thought they were.  It is believed that Eugene though he was in Beckham County at the time, when he was actually in Washita County.  No word from Washita County Sheriff’s if they were actually chasing him or not.  Plus, Eugene has no prior mental issues or drug use.

Eugene told the dispatcher that he ran through a fence and parked in a farm yard.

“I just fell from a 20-foot drop.  Hold on, I’m having a real difficulty walking in the dark,” said Eugene.

The Washita County Sheriff’s Office pinged his phone and began searching for him.  They came across his car three miles west of Bessie on County Road 1120, but could not locate Eugene.

Williams was on the phone for about six minutes when he told the dispatcher he was cold and exhausted and had to hang up so he could get out of the canyon he was in.

She told him to call 911 when he called back in hopes they could pin point his location better and he said he would, but he never did.  Eugene is still missing.

This phone call sounds familiar to the one that Brandon Lawson made when he called 911 and said he was being chased, except Eugene called the non-emergency number.

If you have any information on Eugene Williams, please call the Washita County Sheriff’s Office at 680-832-2370.

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  1. I'm glad he was found sooner, so the family can have some peace. And know if he died of something organic, an accident, or a homicide. God bless law enforcement and his loved ones.

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